Brick 2 Brush Pack for Photoshop or Gimp

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Brick brushes are always nice to have to create backgrounds here and there. Here are 10 high resolution texture brushes for brick surfaces! All are in a .abr file that will work with Adobe Photoshop, Elements, or Gimp. These brushes were all created from the texture stock photographs in the brick section, like usual. Let me know how they work!

Brick 2 Brush Pack for Adobe Photoshop or Gimp
Brush Pack Preview
"The Best Freeware Windows Application for Managing Adobe Photoshop or Gimp Brushes"

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Your rating: None Average: 4.9 (25 votes)
ilnanny's picture


o yeeeeeessssssssssss!
Fantastic pack :)
your texture is unique!!

Anonymous's picture

How to download this

How to download this brush!!??

Bill's picture

To download the brush, just

To download the brush, just click the image or name below it!

Anonymous's picture



KWART203's picture

I really like this especially

I really like this especially designing a poster for a school or class party

Anonymous's picture

Great Pack!

Great Pack!

Anonymous's picture

this is too cool!

this is too cool!

EricaMaxine's picture

Thanks for the brushes. If

Thanks for the brushes. If it is possible please let me know if you make any patterns. Thanks very much!


Bill's picture

@EricaM, Sure thing! I have

@EricaM, Sure thing! I have been looking into creating patterns for Photoshop and Gimp.

Avii's picture

I downloaded the brushes,

I downloaded the brushes, and when I went to open it, my Elements opened, but NOTHING happened. I can't find any of the brushes anywhere and it won't even allow me to load it into Elements because it says it can't find it.

Anonymous's picture

I can't find the brush, or

I can't find the brush, or I'm just too stupid to know how to use them :P

Anonymous's picture

like the resources

like the resources

Anonymous's picture

it said that my version of

it said that my version of photoshop elements cant use these brushes? i have elements 2. i keep to running into this problem when installing brushes....anyone got any clue what version are these only compatible with or why mine isnt working?

osamaziadxb's picture

Man this is really awesome. I

Man this is really awesome.
I want to create wallpaper for my personal use.
I hope my fellows will like it.

Prasanna Kumar's picture

Bill, this something awesome!

Bill, this something awesome! I am an Electrical Engineer too and have just taken up Photoshop as a hobby and your kindness in providing these brushes and patterns is really most commendable. I am based in India and I wish more Indians follow your noble leadership.

Prasanna Kumar

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