Preview Photoshop or Gimp Brush Sets with ABRviewer

I've had a few people ask how I create the preview images for my brush packs; the little image underneath that shows each brush in a tiled view. I figure being able to see every single brush in the brush pack helps you determine if you want to download the abr file or not! Anyways, here's an example preview from my Wood Brushes 1 Brush Pack:

Example Brush Preview

To do this, I use a little free open source piece of software, which happens to aptly be named ABRviewer. This software will allow you to open any .abr brush set and will display each brush in the set as a thumbnail. The thumbnails have adjustable sizing, which is nice. You can then export each individual brush as a .png, which may be useful if you use an older version of Gimp or Paint Shop Pro and need brushes just as png's to convert to your necessary format. You can also export the entire preview panel, which is what I do for the brushes I share. I then copy the last brush over the first tile which only displays the brush set's filename because that is useless to me. I really wish you could hide that tile. Here's a couple .abr brush sets open:

ABRviewer with Some Brushes Open

ABRviewer is a very simple piece of software and I wish it had some more features, but it will do for now. If anyone knows of a more featured brush manager or viewer for Windows, please let me know. Brush Pilot by bittbox is a very good brush manager and previewer that can do quite a bit more, but it's currently for Mac's only...