Some Fun with Deviant Art's Muro and my Wacom

If you haven't heard about Deviant Art's Muro web-based drawing site that was released earlier this month, you should check it out. I've been excited about these HTML 5 online drawing sites since first seeing Cloud Canvas earlier this year. They all still have a long ways to go before they will replace my Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, but I predict their use in the ability to quickly jot down notes and sketches to share with others online will grow tremendously in the near future. This will occur with the growth of HTML 5 in upcoming browser releases. This has already happened for myself and others with the use of Google Docs to share notes and ideas with spreadsheets or documents online. We all no longer pass around Microsoft Word or Excel documents, we share and collaborate online inside one Google Doc.

I finally had a chance to play with Muro a little bit and it is pretty fun. There are some decent brushes to play with and Deviant Art allows you to buy more if you are really into it. Muro works great with my Wacom, and I feel it overall was a lot smoother then Cloud Canvas or one or two other web-based drawers I tried. It is easy to forget you are inside a web browser when drawing in Muro.

Some Fun with Deviant Art's Muro

It's better then Paint, and you can share your work with others easily, but any power user graphic designer will probably scoff at it. I scoff somewhat I guess, but I do see potential uses for it.

One quick side note: Cloud Canvas no longer works for me. I tried with multiple computers and multiple browsers, not sure what is going on there.

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