Welcome to texturemate! This is my repository of textures, brushes, patterns, design software, and other resources I've created over the years.  All textures and other design resources you find here are completely original.  The texture stock photographs were either taken by myself or donated directly to texturemate. All brush sets, patterns, and texture packs were also created and should not be found anywhere else!  Texturemate started in 2010 and is still going strong, eight years later.  In 2018, the site has received a complete overhaul with many features to be added back in.


Texturemate FAQ


  • Can I download any texture, texture pack, or brush pack from this site for free? Yes, absolutely!  All textures, texturepacks, and brush packs on this site are completely royalty-free.  They can be used commercially without reference or credit to texturemate or myself.
  • How can they be free when other sites sell texture packages, paid subscriptions, or impose usage limits? Simple. I enjoy photographing textures and providing them to other graphic designers, web designers and 3D modeling artists like myself!  Website hosting costs are covered with advertisements placed on the site.  Myself or others that donate textures or brushes to texturemate have day jobs and do not rely on this site for income.
  • Where do your textures come from? All of the textures at texturemate are completely original and obtained using my own professional photography equipment.  I can guarantee that the only place you should see any of my textures online is here!  See them hosted somewhere else?  Let me know!
  • Do you require any credit given if I use a texture in my commercial product? No, not at all!  Although appreciated, it is not required. Enjoying the site and spreading the word among your colleagues about where to get free textures is enough!  I always love to see my textures or brushes used in your finished product!
  • Can I use your textures in 3D modeling software? Yes, these textures may be used for rendering surfaces or tiled in 3D software.  Using these photographs in 3D software changes their appearance and is consequently allowed.  Have no worries using these textures in programs such as 3DS Max, Solidworks, CAD, Maya3D and Blender.
  • Can I use your textures in Second Life? Yes, of course!  Second Life's software is a form of 3D modeling and these textures may be used. Please do not redistribute them unedited to others via Second Life, just send them here!
  • Can I redistribute or sell your textures or brushes unedited? No, the only thing I do not allow to be done with our textures is nothing at all!  I go though hard work obtaining high-quality original textures and turning them into brushes and do not want to see other companies selling them in 'their' texture or brush packs.  However, I am open to all distribution ideas, so if you are interested in re-packaging our textures, feel free to contact me.




Hosting this many high resolution free textures isn't cheap!  The monthly bandwidth requirements as well as server hard drive space require a dedicated server to keep texturemate running.  If you use texturemate resources for business needs or just enjoy the site, feel free to donate via PayPal. The ads on texturemate help roughly break even with hosting costs but any donation will help towards improvements and more content, such as brush sets, texture packs, patterns, or updates to abrmate.