Clip Studio Paint Brushes

Clip Studio Paint Brushes

Can You Create and Customize the Brushes You Have Made on Clip Studio Paint?

When you are using editing or graphic software, it’s a lot more fun when you customize your brushes depending on your artwork. Apart from that, you may also require a range of brushes that are suitable for your project. These Clip Studio Paint brushes may not be available in the default brush settings of the graphic software. When it comes to Clip Studio Paint, the good news is it gives you the option to create and customize your own Clip Studio Paint Brushes. Having said that, there are a good number of steps involved in creating these Clip Studio brushes before you can start using them. 

How Does It Work?

The customization of the Clip Studio paint brushes follows a technique in which you need to create an image first. Once that is done, that image needs to be added to the tip of the brushes, and Voila! Your brush is ready for use. The later section of this article will provide you step-by-step instructions on how you can create and customize your Clip Studio brushes. 

For now, let’s move on to see some interesting examples of free and premium brushes that you can find online and how these clip studio brush packs can help an artist.

Some Best Clip Studio Paintbrushes and Clip Studio Brush Packs: 

Free Brushes:

Basic Brush Set/ MS 5 by Typesprite:

This Clip Studio brush pack is a set of 11 brushes that gives various textures. The brushes in this pack include rough texture, pencil, soft tones, bristle texture, acrylic, and more. This can be very useful for you if you are a beginner using Clip Studio Paint. You can check out this pack here and get more information on how and where to download them.

Free Clip Studio Brush sets

Big Brush Set by “IridescentDelirium”: One of the best clip studio paint brushes set, this one has a huge collection of brushes with various patterns and textures that you have got to fall in love with. The creator of this pack has carefully chosen different variants like foliage, angle line, fur, ink strokes and paints, and many more. This is a great option for artists, illustrators, or graphic designers who can get several variants in a single pack. Download it here.

Big Brush Set by “IridescentDelirium”
CSP Brush Pack, #1:

Another pack of free Clip Studio paint brushes created by Yettyen; this brush set is pretty concise yet accurate for those of you who love to create landscapes. With the grassy patterns and foliage textures, these brushes will enhance the presentation of your art. Get these brushes on the Deviantart website.

CSP Brush Pack, #1
Clip Studio Paint Brushes:

This one has a pretty interesting combination of brushes that you will fall in love with. It comes in a set of seven. One of its brushes makes clouds, while another applies the various dimensions of fire. Another interesting brush that this set has is the ornaments. Sounds interesting right! Apart from this, the clip studio brush pack has crystals, chains, water details as well as basic shading. So, if you are someone who does not follow a particular theme, then let your creativity out with this unique set of Clip Studio Paintbrushes. Check out these brushes here.

Clip Studio Paint brushes
Blue and Red Pencil Brush:

This set has been created keeping in mind those who cannot afford the premium brushes. These clip studio paint brushes are great for beginners who want to practice drawing, as well as artists who love a combination of the primary shades and hues. Who wants to bring in the red and blue sketching effect. 

Blue and Red Pencil Brush
 Manga Studio 5 Brushes:

 This Clip Studio Paint brushes pack includes a variety of different brushes for different textures and effects. You will get a cloud blender that gives a beautiful cloudy effect, and cloud detailing, some patchy texture that imitates the look of the charcoal finish, some pixelated effects inspired by the Minecraft game.  The brushes are great if you want to add a lot of different textures to the artwork. The pack is perfect for beginners as well as they can try out new things, play around with different brushes to explore the looks. 

 Manga Studio 5 Brushes:
Clip Studio Paint Brushes By Elisven

Here’s a very interesting brush pack for the Clip Art Studio that features various textures and effects, including foliage or bushy pattern. The artist has named the brushes Concept 1 and 2, Organic 1 and 2, and texture 1 and 2. They are pretty versatile and you can use them for any type of project, be it for practice or for professional artwork that needs similar effects. You can download these Clip Studio Paint brushes from Deviantart website by clicking on the link above.

Clip Studio Paint Brushes By Elisven: 
SerketStalker’s Assorted Brushes

This one from artist SerketStalker is a versatile brush pack with 18 different types of brushes. With flat pens, assorted pencils, various types of crystals, flower stamps, speedpaint brushes, an eraser for an airbrushed look, and more, there is a lot to choose from, from this pack. This can be a very useful one to add to your Clip Studio brushes collection if you are into different types of artwork and projects. While some brushes are very useful for animated arts of comic arts, some of them are perfect for portraits and sketches. 

The best part is, you get all this free of cost, thanks to the amazing artist. It is easy for beginners to play around with these brushes without having to invest in something which they are not sure of yet 

SerketStalker’s Assorted Brushes: 
Clip Studio Lace Brushes

One of the best Clip Studio Paint brushes, this amazing brush set can be a go-to for the artists who need to give an elegant look to the outfit of their characters. The brushes come with different lace patterns allowing you to add designs and adorn different elements of your artwork like curtains, screens, clothes, or even bordering a piece of artwork. How can you access this incredible pack? Well, the creator has provided a detailed step-by-step tutorial for downloading and importing these brushes to your Clip Art Studio software for hassle-free use. 

Clip Studio Lace Brushes: 
DV Brush set – Clip Studio Brushes

Compiled by artist Darkodev, this is an enormous pack with a whopping 102 assorted brushes to work with. While this pack is a great deal for someone who is just starting with CSP and for a professional artist, beginners may get confused with where to start from given the huge collection. For ease of use, the artist has done a great job dividing the pack into 6 different categories: strokes, effects, characters, decorative, and grunge. This gives you a lot of leverage to explore and work around with different techniques and textures for various elements in a drawing like the hair, the skin, fabric, nature or environmental art, character design, and more. If you do not mind the size of the pack, this can be one of the best Clip Studio Paint brushes set to bring your artistry to life.  

DV Brush set - Clip Studio Brushes: 
Dry Brushes

Pretty simple to use, this Dry Brush pack is a useful digital art accessory for graphic artists. The brushes mimic the natural soft brush effect with dry oil paints. These brushes are versatile and are not inclined towards any specific art style, so you can use them for any type of creation. Some artists have suggested that this is a great option if you like to start painting right from the scratch but is a bit challenging to get the right effect when you sketch first and then paint. 

Dry Brushes: 
Mama Madzia Brushes

If you need a versatile pack of brushes with different textures and effects, then this pack by MagdaPROSki is a wonderful one to look at. Various brushes will serve various purposes – right from flat brush, to hairy brush, natural, strong blend, and more. You can use them for portrait drawings, detailing the hair, blending colors, etc. Just customize the brush tips as per your preference, choose the color and go ahead. If you are beginning to use this software just now, it may take a while to get accustomed to it, but once you get a hang of it, it will be a lot of fun to use them. 

Mama Madzia Brushes: 
BrotherBaston Brush Pack for Clip Studio Paint:

Now, this one is an amazing custom brushes pack with 11 different brushes to go over. To make things easier, the pack has been categorized into two- one set for line drawings and the other for linearts. The creator of this pack has kept this pack open for free download or voluntary contribution in case anyone wishes to support his work and channel. 

You will get a wide array of brushes here that offer pencil strokes and brush effects like flat brush, dry brush, noise cloud, pentagon inker, splatter, and more. The brush is perfect for beginners as it is very easy to add and pick up. 

There is a tutorial available on how to get started with BrotherBaston Brush Pack and what you can use them for. Click on the link to go to the tutorial video

BrotherBaston Brush Pack for Clip Studio Paint:

Premium Brushes: 

Here are some of the premium Clip studio paint brushes that you can take advantage of.

Neri’s Dynamic Brushes:

This set is going to be a great addition to your clip studio brush pack. It’s a beautiful combination of two-toned colorful brushes that allows a great degree of transformation to hair or fur. It can also be made to create a grassy effect if you can manage the strokes well. You can buy this set on the Deviantart website

Neri’s Dynamic Brushes
Loose Inkers:

This is a set of 3 brushes that gives three different types of inking effects like rough, smooth, and bleeding effect, strokes, and textures. This can be a great option for you if you are an illustrator, or working on comical characters, or adding handwriting effects to your work. You can also use this for abstract painting when you want to give the blotting texture to your picture. Click here to quote a price for this set

Loose Inkers
Cheat Brushes for Clip Studio Paint:

If you have several projects in hand and have limited time, then this one is going to be a lifesaver for you. This brush set lets you create thumbnails of the male body pretty quickly. It is a set of 24 handmade brushes. It is a premium set, so you can buy them here

Loose Inkers

This set of Clip Studio Paint brushes packs three different ink brushes-Loose Inker Bleed, Loose Inker Smooth, and Loose Inker Rough. These brushes imitate the look of ink on various types of paper for different effects like on thick, untextured Bristol paper, or thin ones, and even on the textured Bristol.

There are a few things worth noting here, though. It is a premium pack, so you will not be able to download it for free. Also, you need to handle the brush tactfully because of its high sensitivity. They can get thicker with little pressure, so if you are handling this type of brush for the first time, you may need to get control over the brushes for the best results. You also may have to apply thicker strokes to figure out the different effects of these brushes. 

Loose Inkers: 
Skin Brush set

Created by MissChroma, here’s yet another premium brush set that can create wonders on the digital canvas. As the name implies, this set is geared towards creating convincingly realistic human skin texture. These brushes are perfect for creating portraits or even characters that make their skin look real. You will also get this brush pack on Gumroad or Etsy. 

 Skin Brush set: 
Realistic Fur Brush Sub tools:

Here’s yet another fur brush set, pretty similar to Neri’s Pack that has been listed earlier. This premium pack includes 28+ different types of brushes that let you create many types of fur textures. The brushes numbering 2, 3, and 8 also have two different fur orientations, right and left, so you can easily combine the two to create the most natural-looking furry animals or characters. Artist Elga Zakiroz has provided download tips and instructions with this pack, so you can easily add the brush to your settings and use them.

Realistic Fur Brush Sub tools:
Shrineheart’s Mega Pack:

This is indeed a mega pack with 1400+ brushes. Yes! You heard it right! This is a massive 40 pack brush set with an incredible collection of brushes. Whether you are a manga artist, a landscape designer,  or whatever you like to draw, you are sure to find your art tool here. Right from pencil, to watercolor, spatter to fur, foliage, space, real, saucy, stitch to textures you have everything in this exclusive pack to explore and use. 

The best part is, if you have this pack of brushes, most likely you will not need anything additional for your work as 1400 is a huge number to work on, and you will constantly have something new to try on. 

One of the best clip studio paint brushes, this megapack comes with a price tag of $70.00. This means that the artist is charging just 5 cents for each brush, which is quite a fair deal. If you are a beginner, you may find it a bit overwhelming at first, but once you start exploring them and using them, it will only make your experience more enjoyable. 

Shrineheart’s Mega Pack:
Porforever’s Custom Brush set

Here’s another premium pack with brushes offering some detailed and unique patterns for nature drawing, landscapes, and more. The pack consists of brushes mimicking various types of grasses, trails, clouds, bushes, bubbles, pebbles, mushrooms, fish, and more. With this pack, you can expand your imagination wherever it goes and bring out some of the best nature drawings or environmental paintings on your canvas. 

Porforever’s Custom Brush set: 

The next section of this article will give you an overview of Clip Studio Paint and how it can help an artist. 

What is Clip Studio Paint? What are some of its functionalities and what artists can achieve with it? 

Clip Studio Paint is an art software created with the purpose of digital drawing and painting. It can function on various platforms or operating systems like, Chromebook, Mac OS, iPhone, Android as well as Galaxy. Clip Studio Paint can be a great asset to those who take graphic art, illustration, or digital printing to the next level. The clip studio paint brushes are a major asset too and you should consider checking them out.

Some of its important features or functionalities are as follows: 

  1. It has numerous painting styles, tools, and brushes that can bring your paintings to life. It is equipped with smart tools which if used properly can create beautiful work. 
  2. Furthermore, it has default brush settings. Additionally, it lets you create your favorite brushes. Not only that, but Clip Studio Paint also allows you to download custom brush packs that can be of much help to art professionals.
  3. It enables you to create concept art with its different technologies like 3D perspectives, flexible masking of the selected area to organize the painting and prevent the element in the artwork from mixing up. 
  4. You can fix vectors easily with its selection tool or by erasing or shearing and expanding etc.
  5. If you want to draw the basics or do the outlines for your work, then this is a great platform offering you various options of pens and pencil brushes along with solid correction features.
  6. Their Artificial Intelligence-based learning algorithms help you create wonders when it comes to creating 3D models. Also, a useful tool for creating animations.
  7. If you are creating building models or towers or anything that needs proportions, the Perspective ruler can help you get to perfection.
  8. You can create concentrated lines and various effects in no time.
  9. You can export files without complication and in various file formats like JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, and more.

Can you share your artwork on Social Media through Clip Studio Paint? If yes, how hard is it?

It isn’t fair when you create amazing artwork and cannot flaunt it! Your talent is worth exhibiting and Clip Studio’s “Share” option allows you to share your illustrations, graphic designs, paintings, comic creations, animations, and everything that you create by connecting you to social media (Twitter or blog). It is very simple and takes just a few easy steps to make your art go public. 

Sharing your artwork

You can post your work from your mobile device, you have a privacy setting in a place where you can choose to keep the work open to public comments or close the forum for comments. You also have the option to choose the direction of the reading based on the type of art. Most of you art lovers and artists love to describe your art, give captions and expressions, narrate the story behind it. The good news for you all in all your descriptions can be automatically translated for everyone around the world to understand and communicate with you enabling you to interact with a larger community of people.

As mentioned earlier, the below section covers the entire process of how you can create your brushes in Clip Studio Paint. 

What are the steps involved in creating Clip Studio Paintbrushes?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can customize your favorite clip studio paintbrushes for making your art convenient:

Step 1:

You will have to set the Canvas. This means that before you start working, you need to make your platform set for your work. For this, you have to open a new file. It involves the same step as what you would do to start a new artwork. Go to the “File” and then click on “New”. 

You have to remember an important aspect here. Selecting the right side of the canvas is very important here so that you get a clear effect when you use your brush. Your canvas has to be larger so that you can use it for both bigger and smaller brushes. If you use a small-sized canvas, you can only create a small size brush and when you use it, the marks will be pixelated and unclear. If you create a bigger brush, you can use it for both smaller and bigger strokes and the image created will be clear.  

Step 2:

Change the color to grayscale. Now, this is very important because doing so will enable you to avail yourself of different colors later on. If you do not change the basic color to gray, you cannot use other colors later when you use your brush for your work.

Step 3:

You need to create the brush tip. To create the brush, you need to work on the brush tip which is the impression or the image that you want your brush to produce for your art. How do you do that? 

You have to create patterns and designs on the canvas that you have set up as mentioned in the first step. This pattern is what you want your brush to express. You can be creative and use various effects and designs to create this image on your canvas. Now since the default color is set to gray, you cannot use other colors, but the good thing is you can use various shades of gray to give it a nice light and shadow effect. (An useful tip here is that, use the entire canvas for drawing so that you get a bigger brush tip). 

Step 4:

You need to save your work. This is again a crucial step because if you do not save it all your work so far will go in vain. Also, remember that to use your work as a brush tip, you need to save this work in the form of “Material”.  Here’s how:

  • You have to click on “Edit” in the top left-hand corner of the page. (see the image below to understand better).
  • You will get a list of options. You need to click on “Register Material”. 
  • When you get the drop-down, click on “Image”. 
  • If you made several layers in your image, then you will have to merge all the layers. To do that, you need to select all the layers you want, right-click on the selected layers, and select “Merge Selected Layers”. 
  • Now, if you do not want some portion of the layer or the entire canvas, you can simply delete that particular layer from the background. If not, you can also leave out that portion when you are merging the rest of the layers. 

Step 5:

Now, when you click on the image after registering the material, a new window will pop up (as shown in the image below) where you need to carefully make a few changes

Changing Clip Studio Settings
  • The first option is to change the ‘name’ of the material. This is important so that you can identify your brush tip from the list of all the other brushes in your collection. 
  • Next, you will see two options under the heading “Material settings for a brush”- you need to check on the box next to the option “use for brush tip shape”. 
  • Once you have completed the above two steps, you need to appropriately select a location for the material you just created. On the right-hand side of the same pop-up window, you will see “Location to save material”. There are a few default folders under this where you can save your material, or you also have the option to create a folder of your own. (You can create a new folder on the Material Property tab by right-clicking on the left side of the screen and select “Create New”. You can name the new folder as per your preference.)
  • Click on “Ok” once you have completed everything on the pop-up window. 
Use Brush to shape

Step 6:

How to create the brush.  You must be already excited to create your favorite brush by now. Yes, the previous steps took a while, but it was necessary to do the fundamentals before the new tool arrives! This step also needs a bit of patience as you have a few things to do. Read on and follow the step-by-step process. 

  1. To create a new brush, you have to make a copy of one of your existing brushes: 
  • Go to the ‘Brush Panel’ and select any brush. When you right-click on the brush you will see the first option in the drop “Duplicate sub tool”. 
  • When you click on it, a pop-up window will open which will have the option to change the name. You can add the name of your choice. Then click “Ok”. 
  • You will find a copy of the brush you created in the list of the brushes.
  1. Now select the duplicate copy of the brush you created and go to the “Tool Property tab” below your brushes. Click on the “wrench icon (small square icon)” at the bottom right of the tool panel (as shown in the image below). 
  2. You will get a new panel with a variety of options. 
Clip Studio Brush settings
  1. Look for “Brush tip”. When you click on it, you will get “Tip shape” where you need to select “materials”. Then select your material from the custom material section. You can choose different options to change the tip as per your preferences. Your brush is ready to use! 

Now there you have it, a simple yet easy way to create your own Clip studio paint brushes.


Clip Studio Paint is a revolutionary platform in the field of digital painting, especially when you consider the range of Clip studio paint brushes. If you need to create animations, graphic designs, painting, or any other artwork online. With its advanced tools and clip studio paint brushes, your work becomes much easier and convenient. Many experts who are in production also prefer using Clip Studio Paint due to its efficiency. While it enables you to let out your imagination and artistic skills, you can also create different types of brushes in this software and sell them on the appropriate forums and make some money. It does need some experience for you to get proficient at using it. Once you are accustomed to it and get a hold of how to use it effectively, you can create magic! 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): 

Is it possible to create animation on Clip Studio Paint?

Yes, you can create animations using this software. Clip Studio has some advanced tools and features that let you animate your work. You can draw frames in between the mainframe, you can overlay the frames and create layers. You can also check through the completed frames using your keyboard. It also has the option to edit the frames, set time between the frames, add audio to your animation. You can visit the Clip Studio Tutorials and learn how to create an animation.

What are the costs associated with buying a subscription or a one-time purchase of Clip Paint Studio?

If you want to purchase Clip Paint Studio, here are the costs for different versions that you need to make a note of: 

1.The cost of Clip Paint Studio PRO is USD 49.99 (this is a one-time payment unless you upgrade to a higher version). This one is for those who only want to limit their usage to concept art, illustration, and character art.
2.The cost of Clip Paint Studio EX is USD 219.00 (again a one-time payment)- suitable for those who want to go for creating animations, Manga and comics, etc. 
3.If you are already a PRO Owner and you want to upgrade to EX, you will get it at a  discounted price of USD 169.00.
4.To upgrade from a Clip Paint Studio Debut to PRO, you just need to pay USD 44.99.

If you want to know more on how to make the payment, monthly subscriptions, or buy the software, you can click here.

Is it possible to edit my story after publishing it online on social media?

Yes, you can edit your story by going to the “My stories” page. Make the changes you want and save.

How can I receive the URL of my story to post it on other sites?

As soon as you are done posting your story, will get the URL. You can check the URL of your story by going to “My stories” > story information. 

Can I get Clip Studio Paint for free?

You will get a free 30 days trial version of Clip Studio Paint. You can experience the  Clip Paint Studio PRO and Clip Paint Studio EX in the free trial version. Furthermore, you can click here, you will be directed to the payments page, on the top right-hand corner, you will see a green color tab which is the “Free Trial” option. Click on it to get started.

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