abrMate Tutorial: Export a Brush to a .png Image

Exporting Adobe Photoshop brushes to .png's in abrMate is very easy. First, you must have one or more brush sets open on your PC. Single-click the thumbnail of any brush to select it. You can now click the 'Export Selected Brush to .png' button to begin the exporting process:

Select a Brush and Click 'Export Selected Brush to .png

There is also another quick way to begin the export process. Just select any brush thumbnail with a right-click. This will bring up a sub-menu with an 'Export to .png' option:

Right-clicking any Brush Allows Exporting to .png Also

After either of these buttons are clicked, a dialog will be displayed asking what directory to save the .png and the filename of the .png. The default filename of the png is the brush set's filename, then an underscore and the number of the brush in the brush set:

Select Directory and Filename to Save .png

After clicking 'Ok', your .png will be saved and the directory it was saved in will be opened in a Windows Explorer window. That's it! You now have a brush from a Adobe Photoshop .abr file ready to use as a .png image with transparency in any software package you want!

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