Android Video Game Tilesheets for Free!

Lately, I've been involved in a 2D Zombie Platform Shooter that is now available on online and in the Android Play Store. Along with the release of the initial version of the game, I've decided to also give away the tile sheets used in the game. In this free download, you will get 3 tile-sheet images. Two png's contain many seamless 50 pixel patterns of brick, wood, cement, etc. One of the video game tile sheets contains seamless patterns that are 10 pixels wide. There's lots of stuff in there, I hope you can find some of these seamless patterns useful for a mobile video game project perhaps.

You can play the game, Mutant Zombie Monsters 2, in your Web Browser, or download it for free at the Android Play Store for your phone or tablet. You may notice the exclusive use of texturemate resources in the game! Please note that this zombie shooter is a bit bloody if you are not into that.

Mutant Zombie Monsters 2

Mutant Zombie Monsters 2 Tilesheets

This preview contains a sample of the tilesheets!