Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new texturemate 2.0 site!  It's been a rocky couple weeks with the website unexpectedly going doing do to hosting server software changes.  The ultimate conclusion was that the original texturemate site from 2010 needed to be completely rebuilt using an updated CMS and newer PHP, etc.  The bare bones are up and running and being tested.  I hope to have all of the original textures that were hosted back up within a week or two.  After that I will move on to the texture packs, brush sets, etc.  Accounts are currently disabled, for now at least.  One source of major issues and downtime for the original website was the amount of spam and bot flooding the site received.  The current goal is to have the new site just host textures as quick and easy as possible with less bloat.  Ultimately, the new site will have more categories, be easier to use and to update, which should translate into even more free textures on the site.

Enjoy, feel free to submit any feedback!