Krita Brushes

Krita Brushes

What is Krita?

Krita is an open-source, gratuitous drawing and painting software program that is suitable for both high – grade artists and individuals who want to learn the art of digital painting. This software is well known for its advanced and stable functionalities as well as its usability, modern editing tools and Krita custom brushes. It is quite famous for its flexible and customizable interface. It works well on Android, macOS, Windows OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. 

Since 2009, it has turned its focus toward upgrading its painting tools, building and supporting the Krita community, which established the Krita Foundation. The Foundation now aims to make the best painting software for artists like creating free Krita brushes, providing multiple Krita brushes download options, tips, and tricks on how to use this software effectively, and much more. 

What is Krita used for?

Digital artists and graphic designers often get confused with selecting the appropriate painting program that can bring their imagination to reality. Krita brings to the table a complete package of what an artist needs to create animations, illustrations, paintings, digital sketches, editing image, retouching pictures, concept artwork, image manipulation, adding visual effects to their creations and the list goes on.

The various features and benefits that Krita offers make this painting software stand out among most other brands that compete with Krita. For beginners, it may take a while to learn and get adapted to this software, but once you get your hands on it, you will love the way it works. 

Where can you download this software?

You can download Krita for free from the official Krita website. Click here to download Krita on your desktop

Krita also works on Android tablets and Chromebooks. To use Krita on your portable devices, you need to download the Krita app available in Google Playstore. Once you have done this, you can just follow the simple instructions to get started with the software. Click here to know more

Some interesting examples of Krita brush that you can find along with descriptions of each brush set:

Painterly Mix Brushes:

One of the key aspects of perfection in an artwork or a painting is applying the right blending technique. Created by Artist David Revoy, this is an interesting set of four Krita brushes with different blending effects. The brush pack consists of brushes that give effects like wet opaque, wet blend and paint, wet blend only, and full blending. You can get this brush pack on David’s webpage.

Painterly Mix Brushes:

Krita Brush Kit Version 8.2:

This huge collection of brushes in a single pack is again from David Revoy. This kit has a combination of 64 brushes. What else do you need when you have the whole kit in place! If you are confused with what brush set to go with, this one can be your savior. This free Krita brushes collection consists of different types of eraser brushes, pencil brushes for sketching and line art, inked brushes, paint sketch, flat brushes, full brush, blending tools, airbrush, various Krita texture brushes and brushes with other types of effects. You can click on this link to know more about this brush pack and how to install it in your Krita. 

Krita Brush Kit Version 8.2

Minimalist Brush Pack:

A short and sweet brush pack as the name suggests, this one has been modified from David Revoy’s brush set. It has quite a few significant changes like the width, transparency, pressure, etc. This one’s more like one of those bare essentials that you do not want to lose while you are in the middle of creating your artwork. This pack includes a pencil brush, flat wet brush, opaque brush, airbrush, move, smudge, and blur tool. If you want these Krita brushes to download this pack from the Deviantart website

Minimalist Brush Pack

Charcoal pencils:

If you are a charcoal sketch lover, then here are the appropriate Krita brushes for you to help you get started. This pack contains three presets with a little grainy charcoal-ish effect that gives a natural look to your art. It also comes in three different sizes, like large to add some volume to your work, medium for outlining, and thin for detailing. You can either use them in black or choose a different color from the spectrum depending on what you want to create. Check out this page on how to add them to your docker.

Charcoal pencils

Raghavendra Brush Pack:

Although this set was released a few years back by Raghavendra Kamath, this pack is quite useful for both professionals and beginners who are still trying to figure out how to create brushes and use the tools at the very basic level. The brushes added to this set are both versatile and essential for your drawing. Some all-time favorites of the artists included in this set are sponge brushes, brushes with stamping, custom pens, and more. Use this link for these Krita Brushes ‘download’.

Raghavendra Brush Pack

Krita Comics and Cartooning Bundle:

This Krita custom brushes pack is fun to use for those who love working on cartoon characters and focus on producing web comics. The cartoon artists do need special kinds of brushes to create quality work. This specific bundle consists of pencils, pens, and other tools that give a traditional look to your creation, making it more appealing. If you are up for creating some fun characters, then go ahead and download this brush pack from the Deviantart page

My Paint Leaf Brush:

Created by Taleclock, this brush gives you a beautiful finish when it comes to painting leaves. This is very useful when you are working on a lush green landscape and want to detail the trees and bushes. It is a simple brush that the creator has customized and modified to give a scattered leafy effect. Check this brush on this link

My Paint Leaf Brush

Hair brushes & Smudge Brushes:

Paying attention to the details is one of the key characteristics of a true artist. This brush pack consisting of hairbrushes and smudge brushes will give your work a realistic angle when you are working on a specific portrait or detailing hair strands. The hair brushes are useful in working on the hair details, strands, adding texture to the hair, and the smudging brushes help in smoothing out the edges and make the hair look flowy. This pack of brushes consists of 7 hair brushes (A, B1, B2, C, D, D-re, and E) and 5 smudging brushes (A, B1, B2, C, E). If you want to get this interesting set, click on this link.

Hair brushes & Smudge Brushes

Krita Watercolor Set V1.01:

This is one of the must-haves in your painting collections. A useful set for all those watercolor lovers, this set is carefully designed by artist Vasco Alexander Basque, keeping in mind the various effects that can be created by the traditional watercolor brushes like opacity, diffusion control, pressure control, etc. It contains various brush styles like basics, details, stains, and texture to cater to the artist’s requirements. Even though the brush sizes in this pack are relatively small, it still gives good results. Krita brushes download link is provided here.

Krita Watercolor Set V1.01

Floral Brushes:

Digital painting is not always about landscapes, portraits, cartoons, and comics. Some artists have a great knack for creating floral designs. This set of free Krita brushes of new floral brushes is created by Jonathan or ‘Jshinncreative’. These brushes will help you create beautiful flower gardens and aesthetic flower designs to soothe the audience’s eye. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can just play with this set to bring out your creativity on canvas. To know more about this brush and add it to your collection, go to this page.

Free Krita Brushes by GDQuest

This free Krita Brush pack is a collection of brushes compiled by the GDQuest team. This is made in a way that both beginners and experienced artists can use to bring out their imagination to canvas. There is a diverse range of brushes, presets, patterns with designs and textures that you can play around with. This set can be a great alternative to some paid brushes compilation, with the only difference being that this set is free. This Krita brushes downloadable pack comes with tutorials and instructions to help you get started with the pack smoothly. 

Free Krita Brushes by GDQuest: 

Hush Coil Brushes

Here’s an incredible collection of brushes for those who need diversity in a single pack for easy use. This unique pack of Krita brushes has a total of 280 different brushes and all for free of cost! In this set, you will get 4 bundles categorized under Basic, Pen, and Pencil, Concept, and Paintbrush which itself speaks of what you can get from this pack. Additionally, two more brush sets have 18 specialized brush types to work on. The wide array of brush styles are suitable for any kind of digital art you want to work on. If you want to play around with different types of brushes or work on professional/commercial projects, this huge pack is well worth a shot. Do note that the brushes are meant to be worked on HD canvas. 

You can download them on Gumroad and check out any special instructions for ease of use. While this pack is free, it is open to any kind of voluntary payment that will help support the artist’s work. 

Hush Coil Brushes: 

Radian1 Krita Brushes Pack

Here’s yet another free ‘Krita brushes download’ pack that has a lot to offer. The pack is perfect for both amateurs and experts, as it has many varieties of useful brushes to suit your digital art needs. With 70 different brush tips, 49+ brush presets and numerous textured brushes, the pack is geared towards any type of digital painting. The only thing that you need to note here is to download this pack and add it to your collection, you will have to go to the “Download here” link (not the Deviant Arts download icon) on the Deviant Art page. The link will take you to the Google Drive of the user from where you can get them. 

Also, remember that this brush pack is compatible with Krita version 3.2 onwards. Do check out this amazing pack for some extra fun!

Jackpack Krita

This pack is relatively new with useful brushes for drawing and painting, inking water-based effects, and some with special patterns like leaves, grasses, flowers, and more. While these brushes are compatible with Krita 4.0 or any other older version of Krita, some of them like the masking brushes can only work with the 4.0 version of the software.  To make things simpler for you, these brushes are made keeping in mind the quality in different Krita versions, therefore, you can resize the brush tips or adjust them in your preferred way to meet your needs. Some selective brushes are also set to the quick brushes settings with symmetry mode for easy access while you are working on your project. This is a free Krita brushes pack, but you will find the option to offer a donation on the website if you wish to.  

Jackpack Krita: 

Aldys Brush Pack for Krita

It’s been a while since this brush pack was created and supports the very first version, Krita 2.3.1. That is why it may not effectively work for the ones having the updated version. But those of you who are still using the very first Krita versions, you may find this pack useful. There is a mix of different types of brushes and presets in this package, some of which are pretty basic. This may be ideal for beginners to work and practice on. 

This versatile pack contains different types of pencils, pens, airbrush tips, dry and wet oil brushes, graphite pencils, and many others to explore. Recommended for the starters, this is a great one to learn. If you click on the link above, you will find instructions on how to install these brushes to get started. 

Floral Brushes- Krita Brushes Download

Here’s a wonderful pack of brushes for digital floral designers to try out. Designed and created by Jshinncreative, this kit provides you with some brushes with different types of floral stamps and designs. The artist JShint creative’s revolves around the nature and outer space theme. The brushes are perfect for nature drawings, designing backgrounds, adding floral elements to the landscapes, or anything where you would like to add some visually aesthetic floral patterns. The website for downloading this Krita Brushes pack also has downloading and usage instructions that will help you use them with ease.

Floral Brushes- Krita Brushes Download: 

Material Brushes

Here’s yet another one from Jshinncreative, that packs with some incredible digital art brushes that can add special effects to your work. The artist created and compiled this particular pack for those who love to create serene and dreamy scenes like beautiful mountain landscapes or under the sea scenic beauty. The brushes are also useful in creating layers and making natural smudging effects to the drawing. The artist requests the users to follow the instructions for using these brushes for best results. 

Material Brushes: 

Krita Brushes Presets Pack V2

This is a free Krita brushes pack that can be useful to many artists. The brush set is inclined towards the traditional pen and paper form of sketches but in a more advanced way. Well-compiled by the creator, the brush pack consists of 36 types of brushes and styles with numerous presets for a beginner to explore and create some fun art. They are also categorized into two different packs supporting different styluses. The link provided above is a source for download. The creator has also done an incredible job in providing detailed instructions on how you can install and use the brushes. This is super beneficial for those who are not well versed with Krita yet. 

Krita Brushes Presets Pack V2: 

Custom Grass Brushes

While they look easy, perfecting grasses without a proper tool is pretty challenging, especially when you want to get that natural look. This brush pack here is a great tool to simplify your grass detailing in landscape artwork. This pack consists of brushes that mimic different species of grasses, right from the tall ones to the thick clustered ones, to help you bring out variety in your project. Do take a look at this impressive grass pack if you want a perfect-looking grassy scene featuring your artwork.

Custom Grass Brushes: 

Acrylic Brushes for Krita

Here’s a small but useful brush pack created by artist Vasco Basque. Acrylic brushes are versatile tools to add different effects and textures to your artwork. This pack is pretty simple to use and handy with just about 7 different preset acrylic brushes to play around with. There are brushes for dark and bold strokes to lighter and subtle tones. This can be a perfect kit for both experienced and amateur artists. 

Acrylic Brushes for Krita: 

By now, you might be all set to try out your very own brush set. In the next section, you will be guided through the process of creating Krita brushes of your own. 

Krita Functions

 Here are some of the key features that make Krita special: 

Free Tool:

It does not involve license cost, making it an affordable one for every artist. It is also an open-source program, which means that if you know to code, you can modify it to improve its functionality and even distribute your modifications. 

High flexibility:

It is a pretty straightforward platform with a flexible user interface. You have the luxury to place the panels and the dockers at your convenience and customize the entire layout of the window. You can make presets of you most used tools, so you do not have to go searching for them. And you can also keep your favorite tools close by during different sections of your artistic process.

Wide range of tools:  

For an artist, tools are what they live on. Krita offers you a wide range of tools to choose from and explore. Talking about Krita brushes, you have about a hundred default Krita brushes that you can break into. Yes! You heard it right. Whether you are an amateur or a professional artist, whether you want to create an animation, 3D graphics, concept art, or comic art, Krita has got you covered. 

You will be amazed to see the diverse options available to you. Tools like Krita oil brushes, Krita Texture brushes, airbrushes, erasers with various tips, basic brush sets, inking tools, markers, traditional painting tools, mirror tools, transformation tools, and many more.

Built-in Vector tools and texting templates:

This feature is a great add-on when you intend to work on a graphic novel or comics.

Powerful brush engines:

The 9 built-in brush engines in Krita let you customize your brush based on the various effects, patterns, and designs you want. You can create the desired shape you want, get smudging effects in your Krita brushes, enable filters, give particle effects, and more. 

Solid drawing tools:

Frita offers 6 drawing assistants that enable you to make various shapes including curves, eclipses, and more.

Advanced color management and advanced layer Options:

 Apart from the broad spectrum of colors that Krita has to offer, you can also mask your paintings on areas that are difficult to edit or any other form of artwork you create. Its layering technology lets you stay organized and work on various portions of your canvas appropriately without affecting the other sections. 

Krita supports a diverse range of file formats:

PNG, JPEG, PDF, BMP, tiff jp2, and more. However, for some formats, you can import files and cannot export them. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when saving your artwork. 

There is no limit to expressing your imagination and creativity on canvas when you have Krita as your go-to painting software.

How can you create a custom brush on Krita and how someone can share these brushes?

Creating your own Krita brushes preset may take a few steps, but it is worth it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create your brush on this digital painting program: 

Choosing the right brush engine:

You need to first open the brush settings by pressing the F5 key. Click on the arrow on the top left to open the preset chooser, and then click on the ‘add’ button to select from the list of brush engines. As an example, choose the ‘Pixel brush’ to go with the process.

Choosing the right brush engine:

Make the brush:

This one has quite a few sub-steps you need to follow. 

  1. Make some patterns on the notepad to see what this brush looks like. If the setting is right, then you will see a 5px wide brush with ‘pressure’ ticked on opacity. 
  2. You need to turn off the opacity by clicking the ‘opacity’ option on the left side of the panel. You will see a sensor curve now.
  3. Deselect the “Enable Pen Settings” by clicking on the checkbox next to it. 
Make the brush 1
  1. Next, you select the “Flow” option on the left side panel. Deselect the “Enable Pen Settings” by clicking on the checkbox next to it. Test your brush by writing on the scratchpad.
Make the brush 2
  1. Now, if you feel that your brush tip is small, click on the ‘brush tip’ option under the ‘general’ category as shown in the above image. 
  1. Change the size of the brush tip by changing the diameter- you can either change it by using the slider or add a value by right-clicking on it. Set this to 25 for this sample.
  1. To give your brush a softer effect, you need to reduce the value of the ‘Fade’ (as circled in blue) to 0.9. 
  1. You need to test your brush again by writing on the pad. You may not see a lot of difference in the fade effect. Furthermore, you need to make changes to the ‘spacing’ to 0.8 for the inking brush. You can choose this value as per your requirement. 
  1. You are almost there. If you find some pixels on the scratchpad now, you need to check the ‘anti-alias option which will reduce the pixels giving a clearer effect.

How to save the brush:

Once you are done with creating your Krita Brush preset, you need to save your work. Click on the “save new brush preset” on the upper right-hand corner of the page as shown in the image below. 

How to save the brush:

Once you click on it, a dialog box will open up. You need to make changes like, name the brush, choose an icon for your brush by going to the “Load from Icon Library” and click on “ok”.  

When done, click on “Save” to save your brush. 

How to share your brush?

Now that you have completed making a new brush and want to share it with others, here are a few ways you can share your brush. 

  1. The most common and the recommended way to share your Krita brushes is through the ‘Resource Bundle System’. You can follow the instructions given on the site by clicking on the given link. 
  1. Sharing the preset in the right resource: Go to the settings> manage resources> open resource folder. In the resource folder, you will see a preset file with the name Paintoppreset, the brush tips will be inside the brush file, all the textures inside the Pattern file.

To use a single preset, go to the preset chooser by pressing the F6 key> press the folder icon> a dialog box will open. You need to go to the kpp file and open it to import your preset. 

  1. Sharing through ZIP: Go to the settings > Manage resources > open the folder where you have stored your resources. You need to then open the zip file, copy the appropriate brush folder, pattern and paintoppresets to the resource folder. Once you are done, restart your Krita. 

What are some alternatives to Krita that artists can use?

Although Krita is a great digital painting software, with multiple features and settings to pick from, some artists may want to experiment with other painting programs that compete with Krita. Here is a list of some top ones for you to choose from: 

  1. Sketchbook (Free)
  2. Firealpaca (Free)
  3. Medibang Paint (Free)
  4. Paint Tool SAI (has a free trial version of 31 days, then a one time purchase)
  5. ArtRage (Paid)
  6. Clip Studio Paint (Paid)
  7. Painter (Paid with a 30 days free trial)
  8. Procreate (Free)
  9. Adobe Fresco (offers a free starter pack, which can be later upgraded to paid premium pack to get additional features.)
  10. Gimp (Free)

What are the costs associated with buying a subscription or a one-time purchase of Krita?

Well, the good news is Krita is free. It has no additional cost involved in it, which makes it even more attractive. Krita also has a huge community of artists who create various brush packs and share them with other artists to explore, make changes and use them as per their convenience, All of this at zero extra cost. 


As an artist, you would always want to explore new options that are going to enhance your creations and make your work look better on screen. The Krita custom brushes have numerous variants to choose from and are very easy to install as well as use. They are custom-made for both professional and personal use, and artists love the combinations that Krita has to offer.   Interesting Krita brushes and Krita add-ons have been included in this article for you to get your hands on and try it out for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Krita a free digital painting software?

Krita digital painting and the graphic program is free and does not involve any downloading cost, monthly or annual charges, or subscriptions. 

Does Krita have premium brush packs?

All the default brushes, brush packs, and Krita custom brushes are free. The creators have kept in mind the purpose of this platform and shared their packs for easy access to anyone. The users can download these packs and even modify them as per their convenience and artwork. 

Why am I not able to use Krita on my Android phone?

Currently, Krita is compatible with Android tablets only and not mobile devices. Apart from this, the software program also runs on Chromebook and PC.

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