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Medibang Brushes

Medibang Paint, formerly known as Cloud Alpaca, is a very handy, user-friendly multimedia painting and illustration software that has been created keeping in mind the next generation artwork. It is a mobile painting and raster graphic app that comes loaded with multiple different features including hundreds of Medibang brushes and painting tools that turns your mobile phone or tablet into a complete on-the-go painting studio. Even though Medibang is considered a lightweight app and occupies a small space in your device, you will be stunned to see how powerful it is with all the tools.

Medibang Paint: Brushes and Tools

The app has many features such as the Medibang paintbrushes that you can explore with and create beautiful and realistic artwork. 

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Origin of Medibang:

Medibang Paint digital software was developed by Medibang Inc. in Tokyo, a company that specializes in creating various digital painting programs and apps that cater to the needs of art enthusiasts. When it comes to the features or characteristics, this app resembles Firealpaca, one of the creations of Medibang Inc. with some changes in it. If you have had your hands on Firealpaca before, then you will find this app pretty similar and even easier to use. 

When Medibang Paint was initially introduced it was in the Japanese language but later on a few other languages have been added making it accessible for global use. The software now comes in various other languages like English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Korean, and Russian. Whether you are a polyglot or belong to any of the countries that speak the above languages, you are sure to enjoy this software while bringing out the artist in you. 

Medibang Brushes:

What kind of art can you create on Medibang Paint? Can you create comics with this software? What kind of brushes are available in Medibang Paint?

Artists often find it difficult to decide while choosing the appropriate art software or app for concept art or illustrations. Medibang Paint is great software with its features best suited if you are up for some cool comic books, storyboards, or Manga creations. 

Medibang free app is equipped with a broad collection of painting materials like Medibang Paint Pro brushes, painting styles, word bubbles, broad color spectrum, and comic frames. These tools will enable you to create incredible character creations. The brushes make your work much easier yet visually appealing.  

Source: a video created by ZR Palette

Medibang Free Block-Chain Brush Pack

This medibang brushes pack consists of brushes that mimic different rope and chain patterns or railway tracks. Though you don’t need these brushes in a freehand drawing, they can be very useful when you want to make borders for your artwork, or when adding geometrical designs and patterns to your work. Next time you create art, do try these unique patterns to border your painting rather than the usual black ones. There is a video tutorial link and installation instructions provided on the website, so you can easily download and use these medibang brushes. 

Medibang Free Block-Chain Brush Pack: 

Free Static Textures

The artists created these medibang brushes for their use and shared them in the forum, so everyone can try them out. The pack consists of brushes that give different patterns and textures. They are extremely versatile and can be used for any piece of art, irrespective of the genre. Most of the patterns have a contemporary look. You can use them if you want to give a graphical look to the pictures or for a sci-fi effect. These medibang paintbrushes will also be a great tool to add interesting and attractive borders to your work.

Free Static Textures: 

Multicolor Pens

Here’s a set of multicolor pens that can be useful in many ways. There are two types of pens included in this set- one gives the rainbow-colored strokes and the other one gives a combination of 2 or 3 colors of your choice. Yes, you have the leisure of choosing the color combinations from the wide color spectrum available, but, remember that it limits your selection to only up to 3 colors in the second one. They are super easy-to-use pens for use in comic strips, animation arts, doodling, or wherever you want to add a hind of these vibrant colors. 

Multicolor Pens: 

Medibang Free Brushes: Colors, hearts, stars

This brush set created for Medibang/ FireAlpaca has some cool stamps to play around with. This pack consists of brushes that offer 6 different types of patterns that include Flowers, Stars, Hearts, Babies, Flowah, and Bubbles. You can use them to make posters, design fabric, add them to the background of your picture, and more. They look best on dark-colored backgrounds and give a visually appealing effect to the overall artwork. These medibang brushes are easy to use, and the creator has added downloading and installation methods on the website that you may want to check out. 

Medibang Free Brushes: Colors, hearts, stars: 

Dripper Brush

Drip painting has been around for centuries now, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. When you try to mimic that on a digital canvas, this can be nearly impossible unless these wonderful Dripper brush packs are used.  Be it Halloween theme paintings or a melting candle, these medibang paintbrushes give a beautiful flowing effect to the painting. The best part about these brush tolls is that you can customize the size, thickness, and length of the brushes at your convenience. 

Dripper Brush: 

Medibang Free Custom Brushes-Pack 1

The custom brushes medibang pack includes two different types of brushes – one for dots and the other for hair. You can personalize them as per your project needs, change the settings, increase or decrease the sizes, shapes, opacity, and more. The dot brush can be used for making patterns, different designs, borders, adding textures to your painting, and more. The hairbrushes are extremely important and can make hair drawing much easier. You can use this brush to create hair details for portraits or animated drawings, which can otherwise be difficult when tried in free-hand style. 

Medibang Free Custom Brushes-Pack 1: 

Medibang Paint Pro: Blending Custom Brushes

Blending is one of the most important parts of the painting, and so are the blending brushes. Every artist should have some kind of blending tool that helps them achieve a natural look for their artwork. Here’s a custom blending brush set compatible with Medibang that has two types of brushes: Blending and Blending (Soft). While the normal blending brush lets you fuse the colors well, the softer version helps you do finer changes for the subtle look. You can change the pressure and opacity based on how you want the effect to be. 

Noise Colored Brush- Medibang Free Brushes:

Here’s an interesting brush pack that gives you a contemporary effect inspired by the digital medium. These medibang brushes give beautiful grainy textures that depict noise. You can take control of the color, intensity, pressure, and other adjustments to get the exact effect you want to use in your project. With these brushes, you can take your creativity to the next level, as they have a lot to offer if you can figure out how and where you want to use them. 

Noise Colored Brush- Medibang Free Brushes:

Medibang Paint Brushes 1: 

If you are looking for a versatile pack, then this one here has 3 different brushes with diverse use. The pack comprises a pencil brush, oil-water brush, and a mix brush. The Pencil brush allows you to get the real feel of a graphite pencil sketching on the paper. You can create outlines for your painting or make sketches; you just need to adjust the width and pressure of the brush to get the desired effect. The Oil-water brush mimics the oil painting on canvas, while the mix brush allows you to use a single or a combination of colors at the same time for a beautiful effect. This is a great pack for beginners to practice and gain experience with the Medibang brush tools. 

 Zipper Brush

This Medibang brushes pack is pretty similar to the chain brushes that have been listed earlier, with the only difference being they form zipped patterns. While not everyone may need this type of brush for their work, this specialized pack is great if you love to do funky art, abstract designs, etc. You can also use them to create beautiful backgrounds, add them to design the outfits of your characters, or give an edge to the borders of your painting. 

 Zipper Brush: 

Custom Brush for Medibang

Custom brushes pack gives you a lot of freedom to bring your imagination onto the canvas. These medibang brushes are helpful for both beginners who can practice and explore, and for the expert artists who can use them to create their masterpieces. This one here consists of a simple set of brush pens- a stipple pen, acrylic pen, and Sumi pen. Even though they look pretty similar, there is a significant difference between the three if you notice closely.  A Stipple pen is lighter and can be used if you want to do a rough draft of your actual work. The acrylic pen has a noticeable texture that gives depth to your artwork. Sumi Pen is more bold and thick and can be used where a distinctive highlight is needed. 

Custom Brush for Medibang: 

Medibang Paint Custom Brushes- Pack No.5

Here’s yet another set of custom brushes for you to work on. This pack has an interesting combination with seven different patterns- water splash/ splatter, two different types of foliage effects, three lacey patterns, and one coffee cup stamp. The diverse combination of patterns makes it more versatile and can be used for multiple different types of artwork. You can use them to decorate your project, add design to the fabrics, use the foliage for landscapes, and more. The creator of this pack has provided instructions on how to add brushes to Medibang on the website that will help you get started. 

Medibang Paint Custom Brushes- Pack No.5: 

Detailed Leaf Brushes for Medibang Free Download

If you are a nature painter or inclined towards environmentally-themed paintings, then this pack is something you are sure to fall in love with. You will get 12 detailed and incredible beautiful leaf brushes in this pack, each resembling a different species. With adjustable brush settings and the imitations of various species like Cirsium Palustre, Parthenocissus, Cardamine SP, and many more, this pack will make your art more enjoyable and detail-oriented. 

Detailed Leaf Brushes for Medibang Free Download: 

Shards Brushes

Oftentimes, a simple yet appealing pattern can change the entire look of the painting. The shards brush pack brings to you pieces of glass as a pattern. You can change the sharpness, adjust the size and color to get the best look that suits your art. The brush can be used to make designs on the primary elements of the picture, make borders, enhance the background, and more. 

Shards Brushes: 

Tile textured Brushes

Here is a different kind of brush, although pretty niche, but can be extremely useful in achieving an incredible look for your piece of art. The brush mimics tiles that can be customized to different sizes and colors as per your preference. You can creatively use them in any type of art, be it for the walls and floors of a room, as the background of a picture, and even to the fabrics. You can also use these medibang brushes to give a graphical edge to your artwork. Adding different colors along with the chequered look can give a visually aesthetic and crisp look. The artist has given a nice representation of how you can use this brush differently. 

Tile textured Brushes: 

Blood Brushes

Love to create war scenes or murder scenes? Well, you are going to be impressed with this pack of Medibang free brushes then. You will get six differently patterned blood splashes that you can choose depending on the scene you are working on. While this isn’t quite a versatile pack and is focused on one purpose, you can use it in a few different projects like Halloween-themed arts, haunted paintings, etc. To add a little spice to your work, you can also use them to decorate the background of the canvas. 

Blood Brushes: 

What Kind of Medibang Paint Brushes Do You Get in the App? 

As mentioned earlier, the Medibang Paint comes preloaded with different kinds of Medibang brushes that the character artists or comic artists will find very useful when creating their artwork. Here’s a list of what comes default with the app: 

Pencils, Mapping, and other different kinds of pen, Stipple, Watercolor, Blur, Rotation symmetry, Erasers, and many more. Under each Brush set, there are brushes with different styles and tones. For example, under “Pencils”, there are various types of pencils with different effects. 

Medibang brushes

With that said, let’s move on to see how you can create custom Medibang paint pro brushes, create more tools and share them with the art community. 

Is Medibang Free or Do You Need to Pay to Get This Software?

Medibang Paint is a free painting app and there are no download costs or subscription fees involved with it. Despite being a free app, it offers a fully packed art tool kit that you can work with! Now, isn’t that great news. The only thing that this painting app requires is an account to be established with it. If you want to access all the features and painting and editing tools and get all the benefits that Medibang Paint has to offer, you have to sign up for it and create your account using your email address and password. 

A step-by-step guide is provided in the latter part of this article on how you can create an account with Medibang Paint and get started. Scroll down to get more details on it. 

What Are the Salient Features That Medibang Paint Has?

Here are some key features of Medibang Paint that gives it a thumbs-up: 

It Is a Multi-platform Software:

Medibang Paint is compatible with multiple different operating systems on various devices. It works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android version 4.0 and above which means it works on PC, MAC desktop, iPad, and smartphones.

Languages Available:

It comes in 8 different languages, which enable artists from diverse countries to use this platform to create their artwork.

Lightweight and Instant Loading:

Medibang Paint occupies a tiny space in your device, which is great when you need not have a very high-end phone with a lot of memory space. It is also super fast when it comes to loading images. There is no lag in downloading Medibang Brushes.

Supports Various File Formats:

It supports multiple file formats like png, jpeg, bitmap, TIFF, PSD, and more.

Huge Collection of Medibang Paint Brushes and Painting Tools:

You have hundreds of Medibang brushes to choose from that are pressure-sensitive and customizable. The brushes, paint staples, and various fonts are suitable for creating comics and cartoons. You will love the way it is preloaded with various traditional painting tools like pens, pencils, charcoal, airbrush, and more. You can also customize and create your medibang brushes using this app. 

Layer Tools:

The layer tools allow different blending modes that give your painting an amazingly natural look. You can create custom panels in different shapes with the help of its special comic panel feature.

Medibang Paint is equipped with several Manga screen tones that can be downloaded for free. It also has several pre-designed backgrounds and word balloons that can be very useful when you are creating comic books or cartoons storyboards. 

Medibang Cloud:

Medibang paint has a cloud-sharing platform where you can share and save your work and collaborate with other artists to create projects. It is portable pocket software which you can travel with and work on it sitting anywhere in the world. 

User Friendly:

Its simple user interface and easy layout enable beginners to easily pick up the functionality of this app and get started. If you are a beginner and want to create some fabulous comic pages or fictional characters of your own, this is a great platform for you to get your hands dirty.

This software is suitable for professional comic designers as well if you are proficient in using it and can create the right kind of brushes.

Once you have an account with this software, you will have access to more art materials like Medibang paint brushes and much more. You can also do projects with other people, manage your pages better and more efficiently, and even post your work in the art community!

How Regularly Does the Medibang Platform Update Its Software and Create More Tools for Its Users?

No software is perfect or bug-free, there’s always some minor issue that the users may face no matter how good the application is. Medibang makes sure to keep its software updated by fixing the issues that its users face every one or two months for them to experience hassle-free work. It constantly strives to improve the functionality of the platform by adding or creating Medibang brushes and other tools, adding brush crypt editor, new functions like a lock to the cloud feature as a measure of security, improving the color control, adding filters, adding blur lens filter and many more.  

Talking about creating and adding more tools in the app, you might be wondering how to add brushes to Medibang. Here’s all that you need to know to do that.

How Can You Create Medibang Paint Pro Brushes? How Can You Download Brushes in the Medibang App? 

Like any other software of its kind, Medibang Paint lets you make multiple different kinds of brushes of your choice. You can use the default brushes and add your ideas to create the Medibang brushes of your choice. Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can create custom brushes and share them with the community:

Step 1:

Open the Medibang app on your device and open a new canvas: 

  • Go to the “File” tab located on the menu bar at the top of the page. 
  • Click on “New” and change the dimensions of the page as per your preference. (usually 200 X 200).

Step 2:

Choose a default brush of your choice (a pen tool maybe) to draw your favorite pattern on the canvas and shape it up to give a nice finish. 

Step 3:

When you are done, make sure to save it as a .png file and name the image so that it is easy to search.

Step 4:

Now, go to the brush window, scroll down to the end and look for the “Add Brush” option which is the second icon at the bottom. You need to select your png file with the pattern that you created. 

Step 5: Once you do that, a pop-up window will appear where you can make changes to the settings of your brush as per your preference. Adjust the Brush type, width, size of the pressure, color, and hue filter as per the effect that you want to see and click on “OK”. 

You just created your brush!… You can follow the same tutorial to create many more medibang brushes

Here is a link to another tutorial video that you can watch to learn about how to create a new brush. 

How to Add Brushes to Medibang? 

You can follow the below quick steps to download and add brushes to Medibang Pro from Cloud:

  1. The first thing you need to remember is that, if you want to download brushes from the cloud, you will need an internet connection.
  2. Now, when you open the app, you will find the cloud brush download icon (an upward arrow) right below the brushes window. Click on it. 
Medibag Brushes
  1. You will get the whole list of different brushes that are available on the Medibang cloud. You can select the brush you want to see by clicking the “arrow” or “triangle” indication to the left side of the brush. 
  2. When you click on it, you will get a small description of the brush including the size of the brush, the type of brush it is or the texture it can produce, etc. 
Medibang Brushes
  1. Click the “Ok” button at the bottom once you have selected your brush. 
  2. The new brush that you just downloaded will appear at the bottom of your brush list in the brush window.

Other Options

There are some other websites where you can download free custom brushes for Medibang Paint. 

  1. Is a great website that has some amazing custom-made brushes that will make you drool over. These brush packs are made keeping in mind different variations and textures that may add incredible effects and funky looks to your comic artwork. Some of them are Medibang texture brushes, zigzag brushes, Medibang Paint Pro Brushes, Dripper brush, and many more. Do check them out and see if you are interested in adding some of them to your Medibang Paint Pro brushes collection!
  1. Pinterest is yet another place where you will find numerous brush packs to choose from. This website will connect you to the original webpage where the brush pack is available, and you can download your brush pack. 
  1. Is another well-known website when it comes to digital art materials. You will get a huge collection of different brush styles and brush packs that will cater to your needs. 

Medibang Paint Pro Vs FireAlpaca:

Medibang Paint Pro is developed by the makers of FireAlpaca and is very similar to this digital art software except for a few prominent changes which are listed below: 

  1. This online painting platform has the new cloud feature where you can share your work, download Medibang free brushes, collaborate with other artists to work on a project together, half-tone pattern library, font library, word bubbles, etc. which was not included in FireAlpaca when it was created.
  2. Medibang is more focused on commercial manga or comic creation, therefore it is geared with paint tools that will serve the purpose for it. 
  3. FireAlpaca, on the other hand, has some features that have not been included in Medibang Paint like the onion skin animation feature, 3D snap layer, etc. 

Issues That Medibang Users Face

Medibang is a great platform to bring out your inner comical imagination on canvas, but at times some users face some issues when using it or opening the app. While the Medibang team constantly addresses these issues and tries to resolve the problems regularly, here are some common ones that you may come across when using this app:

  • The Medibang app in windows may at times crash when you try to open or save files. The team has resolved this issue, so you should not be facing this anymore. If you still have issues with this, you can get in touch with the Medibang help center.
  • The app may sometimes not open at all. In this case, you can either uninstall and reinstall the app or reset the app. To reset, you need to go to “File” and click on “Environment settings” and make the changes. 


Overall, Medibang Paint is a superior but innovative online painting app that makes the creation of comics, designing comic booklets, animations, and Manga character creation even more interesting with its amazing set of tools, brushes, and panels. The special cloud feature of this interesting yet user-friendly software is a great addition making the work of the artists more convenient as they do not have to worry about having less space in their device, lets them access their work anywhere, showcase their artwork, and much more. It is a super easy platform for beginners to start learning the art of comic creation!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s): 

Can professional artists use the Medibang platform for commercial projects? 

With all the tools customized and designed to enable the creation of comic characters with ease, Medibang proves to be a great app for commercial projects. Professional artists can rely on this app for their projects. 

How can you create an account in the Medibang App?

It is very easy to sign up for a Medibang account. Here’s a link that will take you through the registration process. Just follow the simple instructions as mentioned on this page.

Is it possible to delete an artwork from the Medibang website?

Yes, you can delete your artwork from the Medibang website if you wish to. Click here and follow the steps. 

Is Medibang Paint Cloud safe?

Yes, it is safe to store your data and artwork in the Cloud. Nobody can access your data from the cloud without your consent, so you do not have to worry about the security of the information on this platform. 

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