Paint Tool SAI Brushes

Paint Tool SAI Brushes

What is Paint Tool SAI?

Paint Tool SAI is a concise painting and graphics editing software that is created for Microsoft Windows users. It is a smaller program which means it does not occupy a lot of space in your device’s memory, unlike Photoshop which is a much heavier software and needs a lot of space. Therefore, if you are looking for software that does not slow down your personal computer as such, then you can keep an eye on this option. Now onto the matter of the Paint tool SAI Brushes.

What Is Paint Tool SAI Software Used for? 

Paint Tool SAI is a simple painting and editing software when compared with other similar software available in the market, making it easy to use. This software is mainly used by beginners and professional artists who enjoy creating raster graphics, animation, characters, and high-quality paintings. The Paint Tool SAI brushes are much easier to use, adding up to the comfort of the user. If you are one of those people who love to create art when traveling or going to different places, then this can be a very handy software that can be used on phones as well as laptops that run on Microsoft OS apart from your home personal computer. This article will mainly focus on various types of Paint tool SAI brushes, SAI brush settings, how to use the paint tool SAI brushes, SAI brush packs, line art brushes, and more. 

Some Interesting Examples of Paint Tool SAI Brush That You May Be Interested in and the Descriptions of Each Brush Set:

When it comes to painting or creating art, brushes play a vital role in making the artwork successful. While most professional artists love to experiment by creating their custom brush tips and sharing them in the community for all the art enthusiasts to use, amateur artists can explore them and use them to practice different art styles using them. This part of the article will cover some creative brush combinations and packs that their creators have made to make the life of the artists easier when they are confused with choosing the right brush for their work.

The First and the Basic Brush Set Is the “default Paint Tool SAI Brushes”:

This one has a large collection of textured brushes. Some paint tool Sai texture brushes are the brush tool kit include carpet, cloud, dirt, fabric, glass, grain, leather, and more. There are several parameters in the Paint Tool SAI brush settings like acrylic, airbrush, blending, ink pen, marker, paint, density, color. The combination of these sets can be a great asset to you if you want to add some textures to your art. Here’s a link to grab your set.

Default Paint Tool SAI brushes

SAI Grass Brush:

Created by Child of Moonlight, this brush gives you amazing foliage effects that resemble real grass. The strokes that this brush provides give into natural curves and streaks that may be difficult otherwise. If you love to make landscapes or want to supplement a forest background to your painting with bushes and shrubs, then go for this one without a second thought. You can download this brush from the Deviantart website by clicking on the download icon.

SAI Grass Brush

Blotmap Set VIII:

You can have some fun on your canvas with this beautiful blotter Paint tool SAI brushes. This collection comes in three different effects that include: dark, grainy, and Walt. This may look very simple to you, but this brush can create amazing effects if you have expert hands. You can intensify specific areas using your blotter brush or smudge areas on your canvas to blend colors. This will prove to be useful for comic artists and graphic designers as well. Download this one here

Blotmap Set VIII

Paint Tool SAI 2 Blur Setting:

This blur brush created by Lilli-Loves-Carrots is a must-have in your Paint Tool SAI brushes collection. This one proves to be significant when you want to create an illusion in your artwork and do not have the right tool for that. If you are very particular about being a perfectionist, then you will need the right kind of blurring tool that will not just serve your purpose but also gives it a natural twist. It also works great when you are trying to put a focus on the foreground and want to blur out the objects in the background. This is the right kind of brush that can be used for creating an illusion in your artwork. You can check out the Paint Tool SAI 2 blur setting here

The Pencil Tool:

You truly need to know your pencil strokes and lines well enough to bring out a sketch painting as beautiful as you imagined. The Pencil tool is just perfect when you want to maintain the natural traditional look of a pencil drawing in your digital art. It lets you use softer lines or hard and crisp marks like that of shading pencils, depending on what you need for your drawing. To give your artwork a pencil finish, you can download these Paint tool SAI brushes by DocSinistar from the Deviantart website.

SAI Brush Nebula Galaxy:

An incredible tool, the SAI Brush Nebula Galaxy made by Nefur Studios can build magic on your canvas. The floating stars, the luminance that these Paint tool SAI brushes can etch is truly amazing when you want to render paintings of the cosmos for commercial illustrations or personal use. While on one hand, it gives soft starry night sky effects, on the other hand, it also produces bright sharp spray effects with elegant color combination giving your rendition of the universe a classy edge. There are no reasons why this beauty cannot be one of your favorites.

SAI Brush Nebula Galaxy

Brush Supplement #2:

Choosing the right kind of brush is pretty challenging for an artist, especially when there are too many options to select from. The Brush Supplement #2  has been customized by DarlingMionette keeping in mind the essentials in a painting, making the work of the artist much easier. This is a large set of brushes consisting of 15 different styles is a must-have product. It consists of an airbrush, marker, watercolor, chalky styled brush, crayon, Copic, and many more. This works at all levels and is especially good for beginners if you are still learning to use and create your brush tips. One thing to remember here is that it is about 6 MB in size as it comes in a large set, but it’s worth a shot. Download this giant collection on the Deviantart page.

Paint Sai brushes - Brush supplement #2

#01 Paint tool SAI Brush-Long Fur Brush:

Love to draw animals? With this Fur brush set, you can create details of the fur, giving it an angular touch. These brushes need some kind of expertise and an eye for detail to create a perfect textured ‘mane’ of your favorite animal. With the right kind of brush selection, these brushes will create a natural look on your animal portrait. It is pretty lightweight when it comes to size, and you can use it with ease. Download this brush tool here

#01 Paint tool SAI brush

SAI Lineart Brushes:

Line art brushes are pretty useful when you need to add lines and curves to your drawing. Most of the artists need these brushes at some point or the other to detail out some specific features in their art, to outline their characters, or do the entire artwork with Lineart Brushes SAI. Having said that, there are a few line art brushes you will find online that you can download. SAI Lineart Brushes created by Silhh offers some brushes with different shades from very light ones to dark shades. These brushes are available online for you to download on the Deviantart site

40 Brush settings

With 40 different custom brushes, this is a fabulous paint tool sai brushes pack. This set can be used by both beginners and experienced artists. You can customize them based on opacity, intensity, thickness, brush tip size, etc., to get the desired effect. DocWendigo, the artist, has also released another brush pack for textures; you can download both packs together and have fun creating beautiful artwork. 

40 Brush settings: 

Easy Paint Tool Sai Brushes

However, this particular set here is one of the easiest paint tool sai brushes pack if you are just beginning to learn how to use the brush settings in this software. The website on this link provides you with an easy tutorial on how you can start with this brush kit and then go by it step by step. So if you are overwhelmed by the huge brush collection available online with several artists sharing their work and custom tools, this starter pack is sure to boost some confidence in you by setting a solid learning platform. 

Easy Paint Tool Sai Brushes: 

Artist Texture Sai Brushes

Created and compiled by Aheria, this Paint Tool Sai Brushes Pack is easy and fun to work with. The pack has various textures in both bold and subtle tones. You can use these custom patterns with your color, brush style, and thickness to get the exact effect you want. Some patterns or patches provided in the pack can be useful in adding texture to your artwork to elevate the overall look of your creation. 

Artist Texture Sai Brushes: 

Paint Tool SAI Pencil Brushes:

Pencil brushes can never run out of demand. Whether you are a character designer, landscape artist, specialize in portraits, or just someone who loves to stick to the traditional art tool, you will always need a set of pencil brushes in your collection. This particular pack consists of different types of digital pencil brushes just like you have the real regular graphite ones. They give you the exact impression of a real pencil stroke on paper canvas. You can choose from soft to hard pencils that define the darker and lighter tones. These brushes also allow you to create thin or teacher markings based on your art. You need to adjust the pressure of the brush, so you get the exact effect you are looking for. 

Perfect for both beginners who want to practice outlines and experienced artists who want to create some exceptional pencil work, this pack is super user-friendly. The artist has also provided a step-by-step process of how you can install this set in your software to use it. 

Paint Tool Sai Pencil Brushes:

Electroslime SAI Brushes:

Here is an interesting Brush pack by Electroslime that offers some very useful brushes to go with any type of artwork. The pack consists of some attractive Sai brush settings like pencils, smudge brushes,  soft brushes that can mimic the cloudy look,  various types of blending brushes, and more. These brushes allow you to work on your fundamentals of digital art and also are a great professional art tool that helps create amazing-looking pieces. You will need these brushes for most of your artwork, so try this out and add them to your collection if you do not already have something like this.

Electroslime SAI Brushes:

SAI Textures

The texture is very important for any art; it elevates the overall look of the art as well as makes the work look natural. The SAI textures pack by artist Piromanove is a simple, easy-to-use brush set that can be very useful for artists. The pack includes 17 varieties of versatile textures that can be used for any type of artwork. The brushes are also flexible to be customized as per your convenience in terms of thickness, opacity, tip size, shape, and more. If you want to explore some new textures and give your artwork an interesting angle, this pack is a must-try. 

SAI Textures: 

Super SMASH Bros. Ultimate

Here’s one of the interesting multi-use Paint Tool Sai brushes that you can use for any type of art. This tool gives you a dry brush effect with some sketchy hints, which allows you to do some amazing free-hand artwork. You can either use the brush as it is or simply add multiple layers to get a darker, opaque finish. Change the settings of the brush according to your preference, and you can make some of the best cartoon or character sketches on your digital canvas. The artist has added a demo YouTube video on how you can use this brush effectively. Do watch it to ensure you get the most out of this simple yet powerful brush. 

Super SMASH Bros. Ultimate: 

Leaf and Bark Brushes

If you are a landscape artist, you can never have enough in your collection, right? There is always something new you are looking for to bring uniqueness to your artwork. So, here’s a set of SAI brushes that imitates the leaf and the branches or the bark of the tree. The brushes give a beautiful natural look to the art with their added textures and can blend well with any type of work, be it an animated series, or a more natural art. It may be slightly difficult to achieve the best result from this brush pack if you have just started working with Paint tool Sai brushes. However, once you have your hands on it, you will be surprised by how amazing these brushes can deliver. 

Leaf and Bark brushes: 

Paint Tool Fineliner Brush

An amazing brush tool for all the pencil sketch lovers, this one is the digital replica of the original pencil (very similar to the one we listed earlier but more intended towards finer detailing). The creator of this brush has modified it from the actual pencil tool from the Sai Brush settings, and it works amazingly well when you want to make some fine lines or give subtle strokes to your digital sketch. You can download this pack without the hassle and get going with your designs and drawings. 

Paint Tool Fineliner Brush: 

DOODLEMancy’s SAI Brushes

This brush pack here consists of three different brushes that are fun to use whether you want to practice your art on Paint Tool Sai, or you have a serious goal to create some fine pieces of artwork. You will get three brushes here- Pencil, Bloopy, and Softly. Two of them (Pencil and Bloopy) imitate the markings of pencils. ‘Pencil’ can be best used for doodling, making sharper and finer marks, or creating outlines and giving a dark tone. Bloopy on the other hand gives a softer impression of the pencil brush if you want to add gentleness to your drawing. The Softly brush tool has a rounded tip that gives a blended edge or the watercolor effect to the art. The link above has some tips on how you can install and use these brushes on your Paint tool SAI.

DOODLEMancy’s SAI brushes: 

AcetalDigital’s Sai Brushes:

Well, here is one all-in-one brush that can give you the superpower of creating the best out of your creativity. You can start your work with this one and end it with perfection without having to dodge between different brushes. The brush lets you highlight different areas in your work, color, blend, smoothen, add textures, shade, and more. You can even do the hair and fur details with this one. What more do you need when you can do everything under a single roof! This one is one of the best Paint Tool Sai brushes that you can add to your collection. Just set the brush as per your preference and get going. 

AcetalDigital’s Sai Brushes:

Big Brushes Pack

It is always nice to have a complete set packed with brushes that can help you do anything on the canvas. With this Big Brushes Pack, we are talking some serious stuff here. Right from hard round brush, shape round, airbrush to texture brushes, and more, you have it all in this pack, created, tried, and tested by the artist. Working on new art or correct one that you have already created, this pack is a great one you can go for.

Big Brushes Pack: 

Kimono Brush Sai 1

Here’s an interesting pack for those who want to try out some specialized art forms. ‘Kimono’ is the traditional outfit of Japan that looks like a robe with long and broad sleeves; they also have a typical design on them that makes them exquisite to look at. This Kimono Brush pack has brushes that mimic the Kimono patterns for designing fabric, curtains, detailing the dresses, or even for adding beautiful backgrounds. 

Kimono brush Sai 1: 

Some Salient Features of Paint Tool SAI Software That Make It Interesting Are:


As already mentioned above, the user interface of this software is very simple, making it very convenient to use, especially when you are a beginner.

Anti-aliased drawings:
  • If you want perfection in your art, then this software is totally up for it. It provides high-quality anti-aliased paintings which are not less than any other higher-level editing software. 
  • It has a broad spectrum of colors, providing you with different hues of a single color every time you select one. This enables you to choose from both lighter and darker tones of the same color. The color feature also provides good saturation and glow, adding a natural effect to your work.
Unique Features:
  • Another unique feature of Paint Tool SAI which you cannot ignore is that it allows you to convert Paint tool SAI brushes into erasers. This saves a lot of time when you are totally into your work, as you do not have to dodge between the tools if you need to correct something.
  • You can view thumbnails of your drawings on the screen; it is very useful when you are trying to create an animation or working on a project with multiple pages. You can switch to different pages when needed.
  • Its data protection feature will keep the software bug-free.
  • This software is pre-installed with a touch-sensitive pencil tool and has easy-to-use selection tools and drag tools. 
  • Its lock and move layer is yet another useful functionality that enables the artist to join two layers in the painting and then move both of them. It also gives you the option to separate portions of the drawing or join two different images on one page. 
  • The Paint tool SAI brushes collection that comes along with the software package is quite large, giving the artist a wide range to choose from. You can explore and experiment with these brushes and put your imagination onto your canvas. 
  • It also offers complete digitizer support, making it more convenient to use on touch screen devices.  

Decisions and More Decisions…

It is quite natural to get confused when it comes to choosing the right kind of tool for your art that will cater to your expectations, especially in the case of paid digital painting software. You would not want to pay for something that doesn’t give you satisfactory results. This software lets you use it on a trial basis for 31 days and then allows you to decide if this can be your go-to tool or not. However, you need to remember one thing here, after 31 days the trial pack will be automatically disabled, so be quick in making your choice!

Can Paint Tool Sai Brushes Be Used to Procreate? 

Procreate is a popular illustration, sketching, and editing application designed specifically for iOS and iPad OS. It offers a digital platform for artists to draw, paint and edit photos. Artists love this because of its on-the-go platform, making it more convenient to use. Now, many of you who use SAI Paint tool brushes might be wondering if SAI brushes or SAI brush packs can be used on Procreate if you own an iPad? 

The answer is “No”, you cannot use SAI brushes on Procreate but the good news for you all is you can create a replica of the SAI brushes to use them on Procreate. Additionally, Procreate also has some brushes in its toolbox that are very similar in effect to that of SAI brushes. 

Some of the free brushes that users have recreated to use in Procreate app that resembles SAI Paint tool brushes are: 

SAI Brushes:

  1. Feather 1 Brush
  2. Feather 2 Brush
  3. SAI sharp inker
  4. Lineart and shade
  5. SAI skin shade

SAI Chalk Brush

So far, some of the best SAI brushes and their uses have been covered in the previous section of this article that you may find useful when trying to pick the appropriate brushes for your work. You will find many other interesting styles of brushes that are custom-made to cater to your requirements in various websites that will be included at the end of this article.

What Are Some Alternatives to Paint Tool Sai That Artists Can Use?

While Paint Tool SAI has several benefits and some unique features of its own, some artists may not be able to adapt to it for various reasons. Some feel that the software doesn’t have a lot of filters, while some artists feel it is not as advanced as other editing and drawing tools. There may be several reasons as to why you want to move away from Paint Tool SAI and look for alternatives to give you the desired result. Here are a few alternatives.


As mentioned in the previous section, Procreate is quite a popular and award-winning app used by many artists around the world. It is a mobile software app, therefore, very convenient for the ones who are traveling. 


Another digital painting program comes in 10 different languages and supports both Windows and MAC. This tool is well known for its speedy operation and does not always need high-level devices to run. It works very well with lower-level devices as well.

Art Rage

Art Rage is a creative and easy-to-use painting software that can prove to be a competition to Paint Tool SAI. It is available in multiple different languages and is compatible with Android devices, iOS, Mac OS, Windows. It is a great tool for professionals as well as amateurs Artists. Children can easily use this painting software to create their school projects. 

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is an art software that can be used on various platforms or operating systems like Android, Chromebook, Mac OS, etc. It proves to be a great platform for those who take graphic art, illustration, or digital printing to the next level.


The best part of Krita is it is a free painting software mainly used for 2D animation work and digital sketching painting. Its simple yet powerful software and professional-level tools make it an interesting program that you cannot afford to miss. It is an open-source platform and lets you make changes in the coding to improve its functionality.

Corel Painter

This editing software works great when it comes to editing and screenshots. The main purpose of creating this program is to draw, paint, printmaking, and more. If you love to use traditional painting and drawing tools and concepts like watercolor, pencil, charcoal, chalk, color pencil, oil paint, and more. 

SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro is yet another free painting program that comes in competition with Paint Tool SAI. It is a great tool for advanced-level artists and illustrators who want to create their work for commercial as well as personal projects. It has a much simpler user interface as compared to some other digital art programs and is great for beginners as well who are trying their hands on this application on MAC. This software is also compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones and Windows. 

There are many other drawing and painting software in the market to choose from. The above-mentioned are a few top ones that come in competition with Paint Tool SAI when it comes to functionality.

What Are the Costs Associated With Buying Paint Tool Sai?

Paint tool SAI lets you use its program free for 31 days, it’s a trial offer, after which you need to purchase the software. The cost of the software is around $52.00  it is not a subscription module but a single purchase. You do not have to pay anything else on a monthly or annual basis once you have bought it. They also do not offer any subscription programs. 


All in all, Paint Tool SAI is a reasonably good software to start with because of its simplistic functionality and a few other great features. Some notable ones are a broad color spectrum, the ability to alter brushes into tools like erasers, viewing thumbnails of the drawings, etc. This is covered in the above text. However, some users do feel that the software has some outdated tools when compared with a few of its competitors like no filters or texting tools, less number of layers, etc. which brings down the credibility of the software. It is recommended that you make a wise decision. This wisdom can be applied to the Paint Tool SAI Brushes

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs): 

Does Paint Tool SAI support MAC devices?

Unfortunately, Paint Tool SAI does not support MAC devices, it is currently compatible with Windows Operating System only. So, MAC users have to choose from one of the alternatives to this program.

Can we get Paint Tool SAI for free?

This painting program is a paid platform and is not available free of cost. It involves a one-time purchase of around $52.00, however, if you are feeling insecure about buying the software and not getting the desired results, it does have a 31 days trial period. You can use this deal to make a decision.

Who do I contact if my Paint Tool SAI software has issues?

You can click on this “Contact Us” link to inquire about various issues related to your software or email the makers of this software directly.

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