What Is Photobashing And How Can You Learn To Photobash

What is Photobashing?

Photobashing is a conceptual art technique. In this method, an artist needs to bring together the divergent mediums of photographs and images. This can go along with their sketches or drawings to form one finished picture. Oftentimes, the artists also use 3D elements along with other digital artwork to bring out the result. It is a kind of digital photo manipulation that requires expert hands and solid blending skills. They also need an eye for details and the ability to be realistic and authentic. 

How is Photobashing different from digital art, photoshop editing, or another digital editing?

Well, there is a thin line of difference between Photobashing concepts and other kinds of digital art, photoshop editing, or any other kind of art manipulation through digital painting software like Krita, GIMP, etc. This art technique is a much wider concept when it comes to digital manipulation when compared with other editing techniques. 

While you apply Photoshop to make changes or edit the picture in a way that people can make out the differences between the edited and the original photos. The concept artist uses the Photobashing method to add enhancements to the picture in such a way that it looks natural and realistic to the audience. For example, if you want to make changes to the shape of the face in a photo, and add some luster to the hair, add a bit of smoothening to the skin, you use Photoshop. Now, what can you do if you want to merge multiple pictures along with some paintings? If you want to change the background lighting, add some 3D elements to it? You use ‘Photobashing’, that is all there is to it.

It’s All About That Photoshop 

Photoshop however is one of the most commonly used tools for this art recreation technique. It is also one of the most changable software among all the other options available in the field of digital art. If you are an expert in using Photoshop, then this can prove to be a great tool. It can help you achieve the desired results. Even when you are trying to blend images and pictures. Some amazing features available in Photoshop like its advanced brushes, editing tools, blending tools, filters etc. Allow the concept artists to go through the Photobashing process seamlessly to bring out a beautiful, high-quality result. 

Photobashing concept art

What are some other tools used for Photobashing apart from photoshop?

Other than Photoshop, here’s  a list of some other tools:


Krita is a digital painting and raster graphic software preferred by many professional artists when it comes to digital painting. Its simple user interface and wide range of editing and painting tools make it a powerful software to work on and can cater to the needs of an artist when it comes to performing a photobash. 


GIMP is yet another effective tool used widely for photo or digital art manipulation, editing, etc. Like Photoshop and Krita, GIMP also needs expertise in using the application to create high-quality photo manipulation. It is again a great tool used by graphic artists for this process. GIMP can blend images naturally giving it a professional finish, enables seamless photo retouching, etc., just what you need in this process.  


What makes Pixabay unique is its photo library. The artist can choose from its huge collection of stored pictures that are always up-to-date. You will find the latest collection of pictures and videos in this software, which can be of great help to the users, especially when their work is time-bound. What more does the artist need when he gets the whole bank of photo reference in one place.

Adobe Color CC:

As mentioned before, Photobashing is all about blending, and mixing colors, photos, and paintings. Adobe Color CC offers a great color palette with a broad spectrum of hues and shades for the concept artist to play with, making it a time-saving option to work on.


When you want to add 3D elements to your creation, there is no better platform than Blendswap, owing to its huge 3D stockroom. It also offers some advanced color mechanisms that can make the life of the artist easy.


This one works great when you are not using this art technique for a huge commercial project. This platform offers 15 new high-definition pictures every day and opens up to quality 3D models and elements that are great for photo transformation projects. As the name suggests, this option is one of the preferred ones if you want to give textures to your artwork.

So who uses this art form? Is there a particular industry where this technique is most commonly used? The next sections of the article will give you an overview of the importance of Photobashing and a few more aspects related to this subject. 

Who are the primary people who use Photobashing? Why is it useful?

As discussed in the previous section, Photobashing is a concept or a technique used mainly by concept artists and graphic designers. There are a few specific industries or fields where it is most prevalent. 

Film-making studios: One of the biggest industries where concept art plays a vital role is the entertainment studio. Most of the movies made these days involve heavy graphics. To maintain the originality and give it a natural presentation yet appealing to the audiences. Concept artists use this method here. The visualization and the picturization involved in the filmmaking process are cumbersome and need a heavy amount of detailing and creativity, but for Photobashing technique. 

This technique makes the process relatively easier, adding to an enhanced result that is perfect for the big screen.

Video game development studios:

Another industry where Photobashing has proved to be an essential concept is the video game industry. There is a high demand for video games in the market and unlike the olden days, gamers these days need a real-world experience while playing. To live up to their expectations, video game makers and designers use this method extensively for their concept art. There are heavy graphics involved in making a video game, and the creators constantly strive to add enhanced animations and visuals while maintaining the natural aspect of it. Since video games involve motion graphics, the artists make sure to merge various 3D elements and landscapes with the characters perfectly to give the scene a realistic approach. 

Other Industries:

Apart from the movie studios and video game production studios, there are a few other industries where this technique is considered an important aspect. For example, the advertising industry, 3D modeling for special projects, the costume designing industry, and the animation industry are some areas where this conceptual art form is used. It is also time-efficient and reduces the production time by almost half in most cases.

The concept artists who are experts at blending photos use this technique to recreate pictures. They use their imagination to bring together a finished artwork, they also have an excellent eye for details and have expertise in using various editing tools and programs to convert an unrealistic scene into a natural one. 

Photobashing and advantages

What are the advantages of Photobashing?

There are several benefits of this art method that prove to be life-saving for concept artists in a commercial world:

  1. Time-efficient technique: When a concept artist works on an art project or in a production house, many aspects need to be taken care of like the lighting of the work, blending it perfectly, adding elements in a way that the end product looks natural, giving it a high definition enhanced look, etc. Doing all these things takes a lot of time and high-level skills when it comes to a commercial project. Photobashing is a time-saving method that cuts down the total time to a great extent, or sometimes to nearly half. 
  1. Increases the workflow of the artist: It is a faster technique when compared to other platforms like Photoshop etc. thereby increasing the speed of the entire process.
  1. It gives an enhanced look to the finished artwork while maintaining the originality of the picture. 
  1. This technique enables you to create beautiful landscapes for films or videos that may not exist or shooting in areas that are nearly impossible even if they exist in real life. With this method, you can use the photographs of those landscapes to blend with other elements to look real. 
  1. It is a cost-effective technique: You can manipulate the work digitally according to your needs and add the elements of your choice without spending money on traveling to different places to shoot.
  1. This works wonders when you want to bring your imagination onto the canvas. For example, if you want to create an alien and show it in a real-world setup, you can do so using Photobashing technique.
  1. Useful in making animations, movies, or video game backgrounds and characters, making 3D backdrops, and more. 

Why is Photobashing considered cheating when it comes to creating art?

Although Photobashing is a skillful technique that is widely used in many industries. We have discussed this in the previous sections of this article. Some reputed institutes and art communities think this method of creating artwork is “cheating”. Some do not accept or let you submit artwork created with Photobashing when it comes to a contest entry or online exhibition, etc. 

There have always been controversies related to this subject. Some groups think this technique steals the originality of an actual picture from its creator. This could be disrespectful to his or her talent; others think it is not their original work and that portions of it have been taken from various other photo references.

Many communities and art academies debate on the point that this art form is more of concept design than the actual painting. Therefore, they do not qualify in places that support pure paintings. Many artists have gained expertise over the period in giving their art a realistic look. They do this by focusing on details, working through the textures using various digital painting techniques disagree that Photobashing is a real medium for art. 

In many situations, because the process of Photobashing sometimes involves selecting photos from other external sources or repositories, the concept artist has to be very careful in selecting the right path to avoid the repercussions from copyright infringement. This path may lead down a complicated route.

So far this article has been talking about what is Photobashing, where is this technique predominantly used and what are its benefits. The next section will help you understand what are the basic things you need to know for this process, and how you go about it. So let’s get started!

Photobashing tutorials

What are some tutorials offered online that can give you a good understanding of Photobashing and digital art?

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind when you are trying out Photobashing for the first time. 

The digital art program or the editing software:

This is a key aspect when you are starting your artwork. There are several kinds of editing software available out there, and you need to select what you think suits you the most. Photoshop is one of the great options when you want to photobash because it has advanced editing tools, blending brushes, filters, etc. that will make your work much easier. Remember that to get the desired outcome, there’s a lot of blending, lighting adjustments, and color coordination required. To get them right, you require all-in-one editing software.

Mastering the skills:

As a beginner, you need to learn the art of Photobashing. Now, what are the steps you can take? Well, the first step is quite obvious, practice is the best method to master your skills and is crucial in making your artwork look realistic and professional.

  • Selecting the right photos: This is a vital part because unless the image is appropriate, giving your work a natural look is difficult. Now, you need to know the various sources or repositories and the various websites where you can get images free of cost. 
  • There are several portals like texture.com, Pixabay, Pinterest, Negative space, Foodie factor, and more. You also need to make a note that you have to choose a picture that blends well with the rest of your work. Make sure to choose common license photos that will not lead to a copyright issue. 
    • Some other free photo repository sites that you may find useful for blenders and 3D elements are listed below: 
  1. BlenderNation
  2. Blendswap
  3. BlenderKit
  4. Free 3D

Click on this link to get a set of different websites where you can get unlimited images and photos for your work. 

  • Modifying the original image: You need to work on the image that you just selected. Modify it using the photo editing tools, change the lighting as needed; in other words, manipulate it using the blending tools, selection tools, etc. 
  • Working with the layers: Manipulation is the key to Photobashing. Photoshop is a great tool when it comes to playing around with the layers when modifying the artwork. There are several layering tools that you can use for detailing, using masking tools, changing the layer colors, using filters, blending, changing the texture, and much more. 

Here are some of the links to the tutorials that will help you get started: 

  1. Beginners Guide to Photobashing.
  2. 3 Photobashing and texturing techniques.
  3. Painting Tutorial: Photobash
Photobashing examples

Photobashing and its contribution to artistic evolution:

Although there are several debates on whether Photobashing is ethical or not, this concept art technique has taken to storm in the world of digital art. In today’s world where digital art is one of the widely used art forms and is being used by different industries, photobash has proven to be a life-saving technique for graphic artists, giving an edge to the artistic evolution. 

The production houses, movie studios, video game developing labs work on vast projects that need an exorbitant amount of work, and quality cannot be compromised. The main reason why concept artists prefer using photobash technique is that it helps them save time and enables them to create magic on the screen which may not be possible otherwise. With Photobashing the visuals created are more appealing and aesthetic, giving the audience a feeling of the real world. 


Now, as mentioned earlier, to recreate an artwork with perfection, the artists need expert-level skills in using photobash. Not only that, but they are required to have a solid understanding of color combinations, they should be able to strongly visualize what they want to create, high proficiency in image textures, lighting adjustments, and other digital artistry. The concept artist gives a lot of eyes on detailing and must achieve mastery in blending techniques. The subject of morality is left open for discussion, however, this technique, like any other photo manipulation and editing concept, needs a lot of effort and skills to master, which cannot be ignored. If you want to start recreating your visuals, then this article will surely help you with what you need.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Is Photobashing and photoshopping the same?

There is a very minute difference between Photobashing and photoshopping. Photobashing is used for recreating photos without changing the authenticity of the picture, and multiple elements are blended within the photo to get the finished product. One of the major digital editing software used for this digital art technique is Adobe Photoshop. 

Can this art technique pose a risk for copyright infringement? 

There is always a risk of copyright infringement if the photos selected to photobash do not have a free license. The artist has to be careful when choosing the photos and make sure they pick them from the appropriate websites that offer free photos or that have creative commons license. If at all they want to use someone else’s work, proper permission needs to be taken so that there are no complications later. 

Where do we get free images that can be used for Photobashing? 

There are numerous websites or online repositories that offer hundreds of free images that you can use for your artwork.

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