Best Procreate Tutorials For Drawings, Illustrations, Paintings

Procreate is an advanced-level digital art and graphic design software that has been created keeping in mind those artists or art enthusiasts who want to create amazing artwork using iPhone or iPad. It is available in 13 different languages. If you are an iOS or iPadOS user, you will love how smoothly Procreate works, giving you a feel of natural traditional art. Using Procreate provides you with excellent digital art tools that empower you to create cool designs, amazing illustrations, realistic sketches, and graphics. 

Procreate: Dive in to Create

On What Devices Are Procreate Available? 

Currently, Procreate is available for those devices that run on iOS or iPadOS. Because this app has been made for the iPad, it does not support Android or Windows, or any other operating systems or devices. If you want to know further details on what the different versions of iPad Procreate currently support, you can click here

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So in other words, if you want to use or explore Procreate, the iPad is the only option that you have. 

What Are the Features That Make Procreate Amazing?

When it comes to digital art programs, art professionals expect the best. Artists who work on different commercial projects need an ‘all-rounder’ software that can give them a good collection of painting and editing tools, advanced technology that can save their time and help them create amazing artwork. If you are a novice in the field of digital art, you will also need perfect software that should match up to your level and enable you to explore various tools and practice various painting techniques. 

Having said that, listed below are some of the key features that you cannot turn your back on when you are using Procreate: 

Procreate Tutorials for Starters:

As Procreate becomes popular, a novice user would probably be overwhelmed by the complex software it comes with. But once you take a step forward and explore, you will get everything you need. The later part of this article will also cover some Procreate tutorials on how to use Procreate, the various painting and editing tools available in this program, etc. 

Procreate for Professionals:

Procreate can also be a powerful tool for professional artists. It has some of the advanced features that help the artist to create magic on their canvas. If one knows how to use Procreate in the best way possible, it can prove to be an expert-level digital editing program.

Huge Collection of Brushes and Brush Studio:

Procreate is designed with 200 default custom-made brushes. Isn’t that amazing! It comprises all different kinds of brushes that start from the traditional styles like pencil, pen, ink, charcoals to custom-made ones that bring out artistic, beautiful effects on canvas. It also lets you customize these brushes in the creative styles that you want by using the Brush Studio or download them from various external websites to suit your needs. 

There are many guides and instructions available online. You can also go through Procreate tutorials on how you can customize your brush using Procreate.  

Create With Apple Pencil:

You can create incredible, intricate designs and details with an Apple Pencil on Procreate. Using an Apple Pencil gives you strong control over your strokes, as well as an extraordinary feeling of real-life sketching using paper and pencil. 

Power Moves:

Since Procreate is developed particularly for touch screen devices, its functionality involves advanced touch gestures for example two-finger undo function, three-finger redo, etc. which makes the operation pretty easy.

Advanced Tools:

This multifaceted program is equipped with powerful tools that will enable you to select, edit, create shapes, and perform many more functions with ease. 

Color Control:

Procreate comes with excellent color control, with a broad spectrum of colors that you can imagine. 

On-the-go Software:

Using Procreate on both iPhone and iPad means that you do not need to stick to your desktop and work. You can go to your favorite place in the world and put together your imagination on canvas. 


Procreate is pretty reasonably priced when compared with many other digital applications of the same performance level. You get this app at USD 9.99 which is pretty competitive and this is a one-time purchase. As it is cost-effective, any subscriptions or fees for renewal aren’t involved later on. 

Consensus of the Art Community on Procreate 

Procreate has received many thumbs-up from art lovers in general. Digital artists feel that it is a great revolution in the digital world because of its smooth and simple user interface and powerful tools. Some artists feel that the effect that Procreate brushes create to mimic the real medium is something that makes it stand out. For example, the watercolor brush gives the real effect of watercolor painting on paper, similarly, sketches with the pencil brush make you feel like a real pencil sketch has been done on a paper canvas. 

Procreate has won several awards for its incredible features and has also been recognized as the best-selling digital painting application a few years back. The art professors love it because they feel that it is software that is great for beginners to start with. The art students can pick up the functions very fast. Most beginners can self-learn by watching the Procreate tutorials online. 

Procreate Tutorials: a Beginners Guide

Now, moving on to the next part of this article, where you will get an overview of how to use Procreate to create brushes, some useful Procreate tutorials, and more. 

If you are using Procreate for the first time, you might be a bit confused as to how and where to start. Here, we have covered the very first steps a novice user needs to go follow to create your first piece of art :

Step 1: 

The very first thing that you need to do is to create your canvas: When you open the Procreate app, you will get the gallery view. Now, if you are new, your gallery will be empty. So what are you waiting for? Go on and fill the space with some beautiful creations. 

  • In the top right corner, you will see a “+” sign. Tap on it. Then click on “screen size” to go to the canvas. 
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  • Once you are on the canvas, you will see various tools options. There are numerous tools to try your hands on, but some key tools are:

You will see a wrench sign on the top left-hand side of the toolbar. When you tap on it, you will see the “settings” option. In this, you can make different adjustment options for you to experiment around.

Quick Menu:

To get this, you can long-press anywhere on the canvas and the ‘quick menu’ tab will pop up. You can add your frequently used actions to the quick menu, so you do not have to keep looking for them every time. 


Procreate has a huge library of brushes that you can try out. You need to click on the brush sign to go to the brush library. There are various brush sets under which you will find different kinds of brushes.

Smudge Tool:

The smudge icon is present right beside the brush icon. This tool helps in smudging colors, blending, mixing colors, etc. 


This one is right next to the smudge tool, and you will need this to erase out the mistakes.


This tool allows you to separate different portions of your artwork to edit or color or add effects. 

Color Icon:

This will give you color options. It also allows you to create your color scheme.

Step 2:

Now draw something on your canvas. This is the initial sketching.

Step 3:

Once you are done with the drawing, create a layer on top of it by clicking on the “Add” sign in the layer settings. You also have to create a title for your art project here. Once the new layer is added, you can trace and include more intricacies later and make changes if you need. Once you have finalized your sketch, you can delete the first layer and continue working on the second one. 

Step 4:

Selection tool: you need to select areas with this tool to add colors and effects. For this, you need to select a new layer and then click on the ‘S’ icon to start selecting. Remember to add a new layer for every new section you take to color.

Step 5:

The next step is adding texture to your work. You have different texture brushes to choose from, from the “Artistic brushes”, so go ahead and add the effects.

Step 6:

Create a background for your art. You need to go to the layer menu and choose the layer named ‘background color’. You can either fill the background with color or add some designs by adding layers for every shape. 

Step 7:

Once done, you need to save your work. For this, tap on the wrench icon, tap on “share”, choose a file type, and then choose where you want to save your work. That’s it. Your first artwork is ready. You can see your work in Gallery View when you open your app. 

Few More Tutorials

Now that you know the basics of using Procreate, here are some more Procreate tutorial videos that will help you get better with this app: 

1. Procreate iPad Tutorials: The Basics: sketching, inking, and coloring

2. Procreate 20 Top Tips – Beginner and advanced 

3. Best Procreate default brushes: in Procreate iPad

4. Procreate Tutorial by Bardot Brush

If you are interested in some online classes to get a hands-on experience with Procreate, below are some that you may be interested in: 

  1. ‘Skill Share’ is an online community that offers many useful classes on Procreate. It provides great Procreate Tutorials for both beginners and professional artists. Click here to learn more about them.
  2. Here’s a link to some more Procreate tutorials, online classes, and training by Udemy. 

Is It Possible to Create Your Own Brushes Using Procreate? 

As already mentioned earlier, Procreate lets one create hundreds of customized brushes that can cater to one’s needs. Have you ever thought of making one? Although there are many Procreate Tutorials to help you get started, we have a simple one for you to follow:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is adjust the brush size and opacity. You will find two vertically arranged bars on the right side of the window. Make sure to bring it up to 100 percent, however, it depends on your requirement.
  1. Change the color of the brush by tapping on the colored circle in the top left corner of the screen.
  1. Go to the Paint mode and tap on the paintbrush icon. You will get all the default procreate brushes on the screen. 
  1. You can select the brush of your choice from the ‘brush set’. Each brush set has different brushes under it. To create a brush, “Duplicate it”.  To duplicate a brush, you need to swipe left, and you will get 3 options- Share, duplicate and reset. You need to tap on the “Duplicate”. 
  1. Create a ‘custom set’ to stay organized. You can add the brushes that you create in this set for easy sorting. To create a custom brush, you need to swipe down on the available brush sets. You will see a “+” icon that helps you add your new set. 
  1. You can also add, delete or move brushes from and into the set. To delete the set, just tap on the set bar, and you will see the option to delete. To add a brush, you can just tap and drag the brush and move it. 
  1. Now your brush set is ready but empty. You need to create your brush to add to this set. Just tap on a brush that you want to customize, and it will open up to the brush settings. You can make the customizations thereby making changes to the various options under the settings. You can change the stroke, shape, texture, color dynamics, Apple Pencil settings, etc. as you wish to. Furthermore, you also have a drawing pad where you can scribble and test the effects your brush creates after you make the changes.
  1. Now, for the Apple Pencil setting, you have 2 categories: Pressure and Tilt settings. The ‘Pressure’ settings will help you adjust the size, softness, opacity, and bleed of the brush. The ‘Tilt’ settings will help you to change the angle of the brush, however, this option is not available for any third-party pens. You only get this option if you get an apple pen with your iPad.  

Other Tips on How to Create Brushes

  1. The “Properties” category also has various options like brush properties, brush behavior, etc. 
  1. Creating or adding brush in Procreate: you need to go to the “+” sign in the top left corner of your open brush list. You will see an “untitled brush” that you just created. You need to add details to the brush tip. 
  1. Go to the “Shape settings” and tap on the shape source. You can slide the different variants as per your preference. Then tp on “Import” and choose “source library”. Then navigate to your related source image and tap on “Done” 
  1. You can adjust your brush texture further by going to different settings until you get the desired result and follow step 11. 

What Are Some Cons of Procreate? 

While Procreate is a great digital painting app that many artists and art communities appreciate globally, nothing in the world is perfect! There are a few cons to make a note of when it comes to Procreate as well:

  1. It is only for iPad and iPhone users: This means that this cannot be used on any other device! Android users need to look for other similar alternatives that can give them the experience like Procreate. 
  2. Masking tool: Many artists feel that there is no proper masking tool, as it should be. You cannot create a masking layer with a  selection tool, can you?. Rather, you have to actually paint the area you want to mask to hide it. 
  3. There are no text tools or vector brushes, which can be very essential for some people. 


Procreate is very handy and is loaded with numerous brushes and tools that you can dive into. It is a great app where beginners can learn the art of digital painting and professional artists can create their work for commercial purposes. Its user-friendly interface has made it a favorite among many art enthusiasts. This award-winning app comes at a one-time purchase value of USD 9.99 and is a tough competition to many digital painting apps because of the huge library of brushes and color control along with other editing tools that it has to offer. So, what else do you need when you have the entire art studio at your fingertips!  

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ’s): 

Does Procreate offer a trial version before it can be used? 

Unfortunately, Procreate has no free trial version that you can use before you purchase it. If you want to use Procreate, you will have to buy it first. 

What are some similar alternatives for Android users? 

Some top alternative digital painting apps that Android users can check are: 
ArtRage ($4.99), ArtFlow (free app), MediBang Paint (Free), Adobe Illustrator Draw (free), Autodesk Sketchbook (free), Infinite Painter (free). 

Can Procreate be used for commercial art? 

Yes, if you know how to use Procreate proficiently, it is a great app that can be used for commercial purposes. Procreate comes with a diverse collection of art tools that can cater to your needs whether you want to make paintings, illustrations, sketches, or anything for that matter. 

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