Sculptris Tutorial

Sculptris Tutorial

What is Sculptris?

Digital sculpting, or 3D sculpting, is crucial in these modern times to create and render a 3D model. Sculpting artists do this with the help of natural or realistic material which resembles clay but in digital form. The sculpting is done in such a way that it resembles real-life objects and seems to have real texture. There are some software or programs specifically designed for digital sculpting and one such digital sculpting software is Sculptris. Sculptris is one of the best places for a beginner to start their journey. We have some links to a Sculptris Tutorial right ahead along with several others, but more on that later.

Sculptris is free software that has a simple yet strong user interface. Its user-friendly features make it suitable for both amateur artists and professional digital sculptors. When you start using Sculptris to design your 3D model, you actually get the feeling of working with real clay, beginning with a lump of it and actually modifying and shaping it up gradually into a rough model and then into a final one. This sculpting program offers various tools that enable you to pull, crease, pinch, curve, twist, push, and turn the clay model giving you a feel of traditional sculpting. The next subsection will give you more information on when and why Sculptris is used and what are its various functionalities. 

If you go through the Sculptris Tutorial for beginners provided online, you will know how flexible and easy it is to use this software. The later sections of this article will provide you with some links on how to properly control the various factors and functions that you find on Sculptris.

Sculptris functions best in Windows OS but is also compatible with macOS. 

Sculptris Tutorials

Who uses Sculptris, and what is it used for?

While Sculptris is an interactive digital software program mainly used by beginners because of its easy-to-use interface, it is also popular among graphic designers, animation artists, video game creators, movie studios, computer graphic specialists. When you are working on creating video game characters or anime or 3D movie icons (a warrior for example), you can use Sculptris to make 3D models give it a realistic look like that of a real-life human character. 

3D modeling using Sculptris is fun for beginners as they can conceptualize the art of 3D modeling as well as they can experiment and explore the various tools it has to offer to practice sculpting on this incredibly easy platform. 

Now the question is why Sculptris? What are the main features that Sculptris has to offer?

Let’s now dig deeper on what Sculptris has to offer in terms of benefits:

  1. The very first thing that makes Sculptris worthy of use is it is a ‘freebie’ and you get multiple sculpting tools and 3D modeling features without having to pay for it. It is suitable for both individuals and corporate uses.
  1. It is a user-friendly software that can be explored by beginners to learn the fundamentals of sculpting. There are several Sculptris Tutorials for beginners online that may be of great help when starting with the software. 
  1. Sculptris paves the way for the use of more complicated and high-end 3D software. If you have used Sculptris, this means that you know the usage of the basic tools, the concept of sculpting, and it will be very easy for you to transition to a more complex 3D program without having to relearn much.
  1. It has a streamlined approach to digital modeling. You can work on minute details on your model even with fewer numbers of polygons. 
  1. It gives a feel of real-life sculpting to the artists, which makes it way more enjoyable and interesting.

Features that make Sculptris special: 

Various features make Sculptris user-friendly and a convenient software program to use: 

  1. Preset patterns and preloaded materials: Sculptris comes with previously loaded patterns and materials that one can choose from. There’s a lot of different choices for you when it comes to materials with various textures and colors, some of them being unusual ones and some are much simpler to look at. 
Sculptris Features
  1. Flexible navigation controls: The navigation controls in this digital sculpting software are pretty flexible, and you can customize them based on your convenience and usage. 
  1. Dynamic tessellation: Sculptris works on the dynamic tessellation principle. In simple words, this means that when you are creating a model, a mesh structure is created on the surface of the 3D model that consists of triangles or polygons. Now, if you do not have sufficient polygons to cover the surface, then Sculptris automatically divides the area into parts to adjust the polygons. It can add polygons to the mesh or remove them based on how and where it is needed. 
Dynamic Tessellation in Sculptris
  1. Flexible sculpting brushes: These brush tools allow one to adjust as per the size and the shape if one wants to work on the details. The software also allows adjustment of the intensity of these brushes to get the desired look. The best part is, one will be able to add new brushes to the docker! There are various custom brush packs available online that one should be able to include in the collection. You can learn how to access and use these brushes in the Sculptris Tutorials (links provided in the latter sections).  
  1. Symmetry mode: Sculptris comes with a default symmetry setup in which it automatically makes the model symmetrical. For example, when one is sculpting a face and if pulled to one side of the face, the other side will be automatically adjusted, giving it an asymmetrical look. However, if symmetry is not desired, you can turn the function “off”. 
  1. Projection painting and automatic UV mapping: It allows you to project the portion of the sculpture you want to paint on the screen and then paint it. This helps you to work on the textures and keep an eye on the detailing, giving it a realistic look. However, once you go to the painting mode, remember that you cannot go back to the sculpt mode; this means that you will have to complete sculpting and finalized it before you go to paint.
  1. Masking system: It has a good masking system that you can use if you want some part not to be affected when you are painting or highlighting.

What is the cost of Sculptris digital software? 

As mentioned previously, this application is free and does not involve any monthly or annual fee and subscription. You can also download Sculptris brush packs for free at no extra cost. 

Now that you understand the basics of Sculptris and the various features that will make your work much easier, let’s move on to the next section of this article that will give you more information on how to use Sculptris, some easy Sculptris Tutorial for beginners, how to set Sculptris background image, etc. 

Sculptris tutorials for beginners: 

Sculptris is ideal when it comes to learning digital sculpting for the first time. It has a simple user interface and the layout of the software is pretty simple for beginners to try their hands-on editing. Unlike other available software, Sculptris has a limited number of tools and features which may be a deal-breaker for the professionals but the amateur artists, it is just the right amount, so don’t get confused when learning for the first time. Some users also feel that it is pretty easy to create shapes and textures and also provides short keys for easy access to tools that they need the most. 

Human Model Beginner

Here are some tutorials for you to get started: 

Tutorial 1: How to use Sculptris (The Basic Sculptris Tutorial):

This is a18 minutes Sculptris Tutorial video by Jim Marone, that gives you an idea of how you can download the software and will help you understand and explore various tools. He starts by showing how you can zoom in and zoom out the material,  how you can move things around to see the effect on the sculpting material. The demo includes the various functions of the crease tool, draw tool, scaling tool, smoothing tools, etc. It also covers how you can use inflate to pull the part out to give it a shape. Click on this link to watch the whole video

Tutorial 2: Sculptris Tutorial – Getting started-basic beginners guide

Another 3D modeling Sculptris Tutorial for beginners.  Click on this link to watch the complete 19 minutes video

Tutorial 3: How To Create Brushes For Sculptris: 

By now you might have gotten used to the basics of Sculptris. Here’s another useful Sculptris Tutorial on creating brushes as per your preference. Click here for this Youtube video

Tutorial 4: Using Sculptris to create a 3D animal. 

If you are up for experimenting with something different, here’s a  Sculptris Tutorial for creating a 3D animal for beginners. 

Tutorial 5: Here’s yet another written guide with illustrations for your easy understanding. 

Some expert sculpting artists have listed some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind when starting your work in Sculptris are:

  1. Identifying your style in sculpting: Everyone has his or her style of creation. Some do the draft on paper first and then start creating it in the software, while others have the idea in mind and start working based on the trial and error method. Some artists have some kind of inspiration that they like to follow. So it is very important to know your style first. 
  1. Practice until you become perfect: Once work starts, you will not get the perfection right in the beginning. You need to work on the same detailing numerous times until you finally get the perfect outcome that you desire. Sculptris has several kinds of brushes and sculpting tools that you can experiment with on the curves, shapes, intricate designs, etc. 

It’s also very important to know and identify your weaknesses and work on them to improve your efficiency.

  1. Detailing and crafting the characters: An important aspect to remember if you want to achieve perfection in your work is giving details. To do this, you need to refer to real-life pictures and models and try to use them in your sculpting using various techniques. Some of the intricate details that make the characters look real are, the folds and marks on the skin, folds in the cloth, adding texture to different parts of the model, etc. these can be done using the texturing tools. 

How to change or set the background image on Sculptris? 

You can set Sculptris background images when working on your sculptures. Now, the good thing is the background image that you used in your last work will be retained until you change it to a new one. You can also change it to default Sculptris background image following the below steps: 

  • Go to the options > select background > then go to the Sculptris program file in your computer’s drive. 
  • You need to then select data > background.png.

What is Zbrush? How is it compared to Sculptris?

Zbrush is another digital sculpting software developed by Pixologic, the makers of Sculptris. It allows 3D sculpting, texturing, painting, etc. Zbrush is easy to operate and much more. All this advanced technology when it comes to digital sculpting offering a wide range of malleable brushes for shaping, texturing, painting, detailing, editing, and much more. An interesting feature that makes Zbrush unique is it emplys 3D pixels in a real-time environment; this means that when you employ Zbrush for painting or adding textures to your sculpture, it gives you feedback and information about the material employed, color depth, etc. immediately so that you can make the changes as per the suitability. 

Another great feature of Zbrush that can save a lot of time is that because it works in a real-time environment using multiple numbers of polygons creating the mesh, Paint on the model directly. There is no need for UV mapping or texture mapping before painting. This is an advantage for the Zbrush users because apart from saving a lot of time, it also makes detailing very easy. 

Zbrush is a revolutionary software for the digital sculpting world that has gained huge popularity since its inception because of its highly advanced tools and features yet easy-to-use technology. It is widely used in various industries and studios that involve art and graphics like filmmaking studios, video game industry, animation industry, jewelry designing, advertising industry, toys industry, and more. 

Zbrush is now a huge community rather than just a digital sculpting program, comprising 3D modeling artists and graphic designers who share their work online, share ideas and tips to get better at using this software, create their customized brushes, and share it in the community. 

Comparing Zbrush with Sculptris: 

Although made by the same company Pixologic, when you compare Zbrush with Sculptris, Zbrush is much more complex in terms of functionality and the tools it has than that of Sculptris. So if you are a beginner looking for a Sculptris Tutorial then Zbrush might not be the best place to start. Here’s a list of clear comparisons between the two: 


  • Sculptris is a ‘free’ software program offered by Pixologic. 
  • This Software has good editing tools but is not as advanced as ZBrush. It is convenient for beginners who want to practice because they can work around the tools without having to use any complex processes. 
  • It works on high-end devices and is compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of brushes, but is just enough for someone who is a novice.
  • It can slow down when you try to edit large files. 
  • It supports limited file formats; only supports obj and goz files.


  • Zbrush costs around USD 895 for a single license, which can be pretty expensive for some users.
  • Works on most PCs running Mac OSX and Windows.
  • It has powerful and highly customizable brush tools. 
  • This is a great software when you want to sculpt a high-end 3D model because of its advanced program as it helps with highly intricate designs. 
  • If you are working on projects that are professional-grade or for commercial purposes, then Zbrush is ideal for you.
  • Works well on all modern devices, unlike Sculptris. 


Digital sculpting or 3D sculpting is an essential part of 3D modeling and there is a high demand for this artwork in many commercial industries. 3D artists often realize that it is difficult to choose the right kind of software based on their work and requirements. In this article, we have discussed the various features of Sculptris and a Sculptris tutorial too, its functionalities, and its usability. This article also covers some useful Sculptris tutorials for beginners. When it comes to Sculptris, it proves to be a great learning curve for all the newbies out there who want to learn digital sculpting from scratch.

Although used by many professionals, Sculptris may not be that strong a program when needed for commercial uses at an expert level. Zbrush is one such tool that serves the purpose and offers advanced level brushes and tools along with sophisticated features that enable the 3D artists to work on the curves and intricate designs on their 3D models with ease, making it far more enjoyable. Please go through our “Frequently Asked Questions” section for some more additional information.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs):

How to install Zbrush? 

If you want to install Zbrush sculpting software on your computer, click on the link to follow the step-by-step guide provided by Pixologic. 

How do you get started with Zbrush?

Here’s a beginner’s guide that will help you to get started if you are a first-time user. This webpage provides you with different videos showing different ways how you can use Zbrush. 

Why is Sculptris not available now?

The production of Sculptris software has been discontinued since June 10, 2020, for several reasons some of which were software lag, too many bugs, etc. however, there is a similar level sculpting program that can be ideal for all the artists at different levels called ZbrushcoreMini. This is a great replacement for Sculptris as this is also free software so that everyone can use it and is compatible with all modern systems. 

Does Zbrush have a free trial version, if so, how long is the trial software for?

Yes, Zbrush provides a free trial of 30 days and has no functional restrictions to it. So you can use this software and explore its features how much ever you want before you decide on purchasing it. However, after the trial period expires, you need to purchase a user license which costs around USD 895. 

What are some of the alternatives that artists can try their hands-on when it comes to digital sculpting?

While the development of Sculptris software has been put to a halt by its developers, Zbrush can be a bit expensive for some users. There are several other alternative 3D sculpting software available that you can try out. -Some top ones are: 
-Geomagic Freeform
-3D Coat
-3Ds Max Design

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